10 thoughts on “Destroy All Humans! – Crypto-137 Edition Trailer”

  1. There is 1 more edition. There are 2 collector’s editions. I love the backpack <3. I hope they make 1 or 2 CEs for Spongebob.

  2. I just want the game already 😫

    I keep trying to play my PS2 copy in PCSX2, but I keep running into graphical glitches that make it very unpleasant to play. Tried all the suggested tweaks I’ve found and there were tradeoffs for all of them. Software mode was the only way to completely get rid of the glitches, but it looks terrible so it’s not much of an improvement.

    **sigh** hopefully the wait is worth it.

  3. Notice how you don’t see a steam logo anywhere in this ad. This is being published by THQ nordic, same shitbirds that made Metro Exodus an Epic exclusive.

    Guarantee this game will be exclusive as well.

  4. Holy shit that’s a big statue. 2 feet and it can hold a can of soda.


    They did really well with the E3 props and costumes, this should be pretty nice if the price is anything to go by.

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