I’m getting a new gaming pc soon and grabbed a good deal on Arkham Knight from a site called Fanatical. I loved the game on ps4 and can’t wait to play it once my computer parts arrive. But I heard it was a terrible port and had a bunch of issues and was wondering after a couple of years if it’s been fixed?

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32 thoughts on “Did Batman Arkham Knight get fixed on pc? I heard it was a rough console port”

  1. I played it a while ago and it worked fine for me. I didn’t play it on release, but maybe a couple of months after.

  2. Yep. Runs at a rock solid 90fps (that’s the cap in the options menu) for me with a GTX 1070 at 1080p. The frame rate only drops when dive bombing straight down or grapnel boosting at very high speeds. It’s annoying but it is what it is. Other than that, flawless! I just turned off all the Nvidia Gameworks stuff btw. Everything else maxed.

    Frickin amazing game. Easily my favourite Arkham title. Phenomenal graphics, storytelling, camera work, voice acting and the gameplay is supremely polished with lots of options be it stealth or combat.

  3. It’s one of the best games in recent history now IMHO.
    Especially after having played a few other games with similar game mechanics since the first few batman games. E.g. Shadow of War combat is great fun, but when you go back to a Batman game you really feel like you’re playing the ‘real’ version, and all those other games are but imitations.

  4. Game works fine now although occasionally, I had some FPS loss when driving around some areas.

    Definitely playable.

  5. I know it works well for a lot of people now, but sometimes it just won’t use the full power of my CPU. Only game I have that does that. Even with max performance power settings set and everything. It’ll play fine for a bit then dip to 4 fps and just stay that way until I reboot my computer. Never seen a game do that before and haven’t heard of anything from my peers about it since. I have an i5 8400 and a 1070ti. MSI Afterburner shows it jump from 3.8 mhz to 933 then back up again. Anyone have any suggestions on what the hell is going on with that or is this just some strange anomaly I have with this particular title?

  6. Depends on your pc specs. This game demands a good cpu as it maxes out alot. (mine is i5 6600k) . I concur with op that it does look gorgeous and plays superbly . No crashes for me but stutter in Batmobile and gliding will be present if you dont have a good cpu (and 16Gb ram at least!)

  7. Saying that it’s a bad console port is a slight exaggeration. If you set the graphics quality similar to a console version, the game worked well. The biggest problem was the elements generated by Nvidia gameworks, like smoke, but these things weren’t on the consoles.

  8. It’s still pretty bad on older systems but its fixed up on anything around a 900 series or newer Nvidia GPU

  9. I brought the steam version from some cd key site for about $5 a few weeks back and it worked pretty good on a 1060

  10. I just beat it last night actually. It had the occasional hitch but it’s leaps and bounds better than it was at launch.

  11. No, not really. It was patched and there were some improvements but not fixed, I wouldn’t say. You can brute force through most of the performance issues if you have a decent rig though.

  12. My 1060 cant break 30, but I think its my cpu bottlenecking, not the gpu. If you have the hardware, it will run fine.

  13. I played it recently, since the arkham collection went up for cheap. It runs pretty well on my 970, even for 1440p. With my 1080Ti I can run physX easily, but get framedrops sometimes.

  14. Leave the Game Works options off and it’s fine. At 1440p with a GTX 2070, it’ll drop performance here and there. Without game works it’ll stay steady at 90fps.

  15. The DRM can still be an issue, if you play offline, but most of the issues were fixed by the time they re-listed it on Steam.

  16. Yes works pretty well now , running a ryzen 5 1600 and no major stuttering or frametime issues , it has a max fps cap of 90 , i can hit that consistently at 1440p


    Arkham Knight Still Looks SO DAMN good , and you will be blown away again if you can maintain 60 fps

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