1. from what I know about Goose Game I’m pretty sure the goose would be in the throne and Richter would be there to fight it

  2. It was not by my hand I was once again given flesh. I was brought here by, humans, who wish to pay me, tribute.

  3. Castlevania gives such a cool all around aesthetic vibe of royal night dwelling vampire lords while still being an old school platformer.

  4. They actually fucked up the translation, this is what this dialogue looks like in the japanese version:

    *Richter: Begone! This world was not meant for the likes of you!*

    *Dracula: My own power did not bring about my resurrection. It was greed, the greed of you men which summoned me back. And is justice not defined by the mighty?*

    *Richter: Such a selfish claim! Humanity is guided by our shared principles. We only want to come together, and move foward!*

    *Dracula: Oh, but the truth is that humanity also bears burgeoning desires within them, which leads to submit to their religious creeds, yes?*

    *Richter: Mere power is not what leads mankind. Respect and generosity: these are what truly guides humanity!*

    *Dracula: Preposterous. Which one of our claims is true? I shall give you the answer, along with death’s embrace!*

    They thought American kids were too stupid to understand good dialogue and made as cheesy as possible in the American version. AKA = DIE MONSTER!

  5. The Podcast How Did This Get Played did a dramatic reading of the opening scene on it’s most recent episode ( NES Friday the 13th) and it turns out when well read the dialogue wasn’t bad.

  6. I hate geese. One stole my giant pretzel at the zoo when I was 3. Ever since I have been on a quest to destroy all geese

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