Ryzen simultaneous multi threading, similar to intel hyperthreading, doubles the amount of CPU threads that Windows can use, but DOESN’T double the effective amount of cores. It allows for some apps to run faster (rendering and such intensive tasks) and AMD ADVISES TO KEEP IT ON AT ALL TIMES… But I made an important discovery!

I had perfomance problems in many vr games, especially Arizona Sunshine. After disabling SMT the frames were much smoother! Try for yourself if you don’t believe me, you can find this option in the BIOS.

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3 thoughts on “Discovery Regarding RYZEN SMT and VR”

  1. Disabling SMT and Hyperthreading on CPU’s has been shown in various benchmarks for years. In some niche cases, it can improve performance as OP mentioned, but for the most part it will gimp your system overall.

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