So back in June I bought my self a gaming rig but I haven’t really been playing FPS on it to much. On all FPS games (apex legends, csgo, titanfall 2) I’ve managed to log close to 30 hours but I did take like a 1 month break from FPS on pc. Barley logged any hours. Anyways, I still have problems shooting mid-long rang even on weapons that are meant for mid-long range. Like on apex I’ll have trouble shooting mid range even when I put fire mode on single. On team fortress 2 I have problems also. So is it mainly my $10 mouse that goes up to 5500 dpi? (I normally play on 1600) Or is it because I just suck? I wanted to add I’ve gotten better but I do believe the mouse is most of my problem. Mouse acceleration is off.

Edit: Don’t have money for a new mouse either does my dad. I also put my DPI down to 1000 and turned down in game sensitivity.

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14 thoughts on “Do I suck or is it my mouse?”

  1. It’s probably not just one but both.

    Not sure why you think 30 hours is long enough to compete against people with thousands doing the same.

    Having a shitty mouse won’t help.

  2. That’s a pretty high dpi to be playing any FPS on for one & a shitty mouse could be causing lag. Just practice more. 30 hours of inconsistent playing isn’t that much. I’ve logged over 100 hours to PUBG & CS GO & I’m still trash even with a Deathadder Elite lol keep practicing & buy a better mouse when I can.

  3. Try lower dpi on the mouse, 1600 is a bit much. I did the same thing and had it far too high, and lowering it felt so sluggish, but I just forced myself to keep it around 700 and my aiming has become so much more precise, and it doesn’t feel so slow anymore. Try using your whole arm to move the mouse, not just the wrist, and you’ll have faster movements.

  4. 30 hrs is nothing. Keep practicing.

    I personally like the Death Adder or Glorious.

    Play at a DPI that’s comfortable, but I suggest staying below 1200 DPI (400-1200)

  5. That mouse is a pos. Go to /r/mousereview and ask there what might be good for you and get a Steelseries qck+ heavy while you are at it (450mmx6mm). You can get a great mouse for around 50€.

    Most pros have 400-800 dpi. It used to be mostly because the first really good gamingmice came at 400dpi, then most mice worked well at low dpi. Now most gaming mice (with the pixart 33xx/3360/3389/etc) sensor works best below ..3200 iirc, because smoothing hits at 3200.

    What does matter is mouse sensitivity. Imho the most sensible way to measure is how far you move it per 360 degrees. Most csgo’s have between 33 and 60cm. You can go to to find out what sens at what dpi.

    If you have trouble tracking enemies it’s probably because your mousemat is too small or just habit.

  6. That mouse looks really crappy, but in actuality you probably mainly need more practice. A proper mouse might help a little, but you really don’t need more DPI than that, i’d say you’re already too high anyway.

  7. Sounds like you need a new mouse. Also make sure your armrests are at the exact same height as your desk. Make sure to use your whole arm to aim. Don’t try using your wrist. This is bad form and it will cause injury to your wrist.

  8. It could be a combo of many things. What helped me out with my aiming was switching to using my arm to move my mouse instead of just my wrist. I just moved my mousepad farther away from me to make it easier and just used my wrist for small movements.

    I also did the method of making sure moving my mouse from the left edge of my mousepad to the right edge equal a 360 degree turn in game.

  9. Related but another question. I see many recommending low DPI settings, I’m currently using 2500dpi on a Logitech G602. Anything slower seems like molasses, but I get that I just need to practice at that lower DPI. My question is why are all these very high DPI mice in vogue? I almost purchased a G604 that goes up to 16k DPI thinking it would be better.

  10. If you’re playing CSGO get an aim training map. Practice flicking as well as stutter stepping and timing your shot for accuracy. You probably have a long way to go to get skilled enough where your mouse is really holding you back.

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