My apartment doesn’t have air in the office, so if I don’t keep the door open I become a schweaty man. When people come over I can’t comfortably use my PC, I’m always looking over my shoulder to see if someone’s coming.

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39 thoughts on “Does anyone else get anxiety when there’s people in your house, and you’re on your PC with the door open?”

  1. You could:

    Get a decent tower fan and you can go back to being antisocial whilst not stewing in your own filth.

    Feng Shui your office a bit and turn the desk to face the door.

    Stop watching porn when you have company over

  2. Yes, all the time. Which is why when I moved out, I said no roommates. Definitely way more expensive, but it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

  3. No, and I play the most lewd VNs you can possibly imagine. Let my whole family in if they want; they cant read japanese anyway and I like what I like

  4. Definitely. I usually play something simple I don’t have to pay attention to that much, can’t really focus when there’s a lot going on around me.

  5. * invest cooling for your room so you can close your door
    * Use incognito for your porn
    * make a habit of clearing your browsing history so your porn isn’t in your search/browsing history

    I can’t think of any reason to feel uncomfortable whilst using a computer while people over unless you got some suspect port(Loli hentai/Traps/etc/etc) because ill have milf porn all up in my shit all day.

  6. Stop watching such weird porn bro.

    I killed my GT 210 with the massive weight of streaming literal decades of ebony BBW porn.

    (im joking).

  7. Yeah all the time!

    i always have more door shut unless its too hot in the summer, its the same reason i don’t wear headphones when on the computer or gaming, im paranoid someone is behind ready to scare the shit out of me

  8. You could put a small mirror on your desk or on the wall near the desk (if that’s the case) pointed at the door.

    Not anything overly huge. Just enough to catch your attention when someone’s approaching.

  9. Get a small silver half/dome, or something equivalent, and stick it somewhere so it reflects almost all of the room behind you.

    You could probably get small ones from a hardware store, they’re sometimes added to screws for mirrors (so you have a little silver dome instead of a screw head in the mirror).

    ps: stop watching the pron when guests are around if you’re not willing to share.

  10. No? If my door is open I’m not doing anything I would mind anyone walking in on, and if my door is closed people know to knock before entering.

  11. For some reason playing PC I feel a lot more vulnerable unless it’s a fellow PC friend.

    Otherwise I’m generally not high anxiety when people are around but I try to switch in between small game time, & spending some time with them.

  12. Definitely. I’m a fairly social person and I don’t have anything to hide on my PC, and I live with people who are also gamers and understand. I’m also not an anxious person at all.

    I fucking hate gaming with the door open and it will bother me until I close it.

  13. ALWAYS have your computer facing the door, never have it so people walking in can see what you’ve got open. One of the first rules of using PCs.

  14. I usually have my door shut anyway, but I wouldn’t be doing anything to warrant me being anxious of others to begin with. I personally don’t have a problem with people knowing I game a lot. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was four years old. If that’s where your anxiety seems to originate, then you should just accept that you’re a gamer and tell anyone who looks at you poorly for it to go pound sand. It’s not really their place to judge you anyway.

    Do you look at porn on the reg? If so, you should probably stop. That shit will melt your fuckin brain. Porn addiction is bad news.

    Do you engage in nerdy content like anime or something that might make you look “weird” to the guests you have over? If so, then I mean, I get it. I watch a lot of anime but only with friends that watch it as well or when I’m alone. Otherwise I don’t openly watch it when guests or people I’m unfamiliar with are around. Just how it ended up for me I guess. But again, at the end of the day, you can like what you want and if someone has a problem with that, then tell ’em to go pound sand.

  15. only when my baby niece/nephew come over. they can get pretty destructive and my room is loaded with a ton of delicate things. besides that, i don’t get anxious about having people in the apartment and using my pc.

  16. Lol no way. They’re gonna watch me clutch this 1v5. I guess it’s a bit awkward if I’m playing something questionable.

  17. I had my desk facing the door and monitor away from the door.
    Just [recently renovated]( now the Desk is facing the new big windows so i can look outside.
    But now the doors are behind me and everyone walking into the room is naturally looking at what i got on the screen first and there have already been some dumb comments… it’s already a bit annoying.
    Especially when i got the doors open and have tunnel vision for what i’m doing on the PC and suddenly somebody stands behind me and just starts talking about some bullshit… holy shit GTFO!

    But i got plenty of air now.

  18. Everytime im on 9gag or something when i know the scroll list may contain hot girls in it, im getting stressed out if my GF is walking past me cos i dont want her to think that im watching half naked women etc.

  19. I kind of get this. Not when people are over but when they start using it. My PC is the media hub of the house, music and TV/film is all streamed to my PC then cast where it needs to go.
    When guess are over and we’re having drinks and playing games a friend/acquaintance will jump on to “make a playlist” and I go full anxiety mode.
    No reason too, there is no porn or questionable content on there, just games, media, and a few documents.

  20. Similar stuff happened to me, except people would sneak behind to spook me. I installed a little car mirror in the corner of the monitor.

  21. Why would it matter if someone did come over anyway? This seems like actual anxiety and not related to gaming lol

  22. Here are your options:

    1: Move your desk to face to door or place a mirror so you can always see behind you.

    2: Install air conditioner. Lock the door and never go outside. Leave a tiny hole for food and water.

    3: Lay some spike traps so people sneaking up on you will get fucked.

    4: Move out.

  23. Idk what this says of my personality but I cannot ever focus or relax with my room’s door open. I can’t sleep, I can’t work, I can’t play, I can’t even relax and watch Youtube. It just does not feel right.

  24. No but my PC is the first thing you see when entering the house. My living room is basically my PC room and the television that I only use for guests is at all other times a third monitor.

    If you’re in my house basically you’re going to be in the same room as my PC.

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