Hey folks. I just purchased a key for Red Dead 2 via InstantGaming. Now, they’re making me submit a government ID (just name visible) to verify my order.

Does anyone know how long this process usually takes?

*Update: Took about 6 hours to verify ID. Keeping this post up for people to reference if needed.*

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7 thoughts on “Does anyone have experince with Instant Gaming and their “order verficiation” system?”

  1. If you have an old ID, use that. I got away with using my old, out of date military ID with the my wrong address on.

  2. Never had an issue with them. Haven’t had to submit ID either, though even CDKeys is going that route now. Seems like it is their method of culling bot scammers.

    Once you are verified they shouldn’t request it ever again IIRC.

  3. Yes, it is their anti fraud system to make sure one person doesn’t buy hundred keys to resell them.

    I mean, it’s pretty common for online sellers in France for example.

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