39 thoughts on “DOOM Eternal mural is almost done!”

  1. I wanna live in the cyberpunk world where things like this are on a lot of buildings and stay up year round

  2. I don’t know if uno is still the owner of the figueroa hotel in Los Angeles but this was my first night in LA, in that Hotel right there….it’s a non-standard hotel you have to see!!

  3. Now we know why they need micro transactions to be profitable. Some of these marketing budgets are ridiculous.

  4. I wonder why they’re doing this instead of hanging a large printout canvas on each building? It seems that’s how most billboards had gone, before they started going digital.

  5. This is in LA on Olympic and Fig my question is do they hand paint the whole side of the building every time they change the ad?!?!

  6. I bet the landlord/owner of that building makes a killing off all these murals. I think this is the 5th one I’ve seen over the years.

  7. These are murals? I always thought that they were banners. How much paint has been put on that building over the years?

  8. Bethesda: and to say we are sorry about fallout 76, we announcrd to you fallout:new vegas…

    Fans: yay!

    Bethesda: …expansion to fallout 76

  9. * Goes on a casual, afternoon stroll after subtly dropping some acid *
    * Turns the street corner, and looks up at this lovely view *

  10. Interesting…the demon in the middle looks much more like an alien than a regular demon. This DOOM is supposed to get more into the story so I wonder if that has something to do with it.

  11. Legit question, I assume this has amazing visibility from the highway, but I’ve seen a ton of pics of this building getting painted, so I have to ask: Do they clean the pain off after an ad campaign? I just picture that episode of Malcolm in the Middle where Hal “discovers his inner artist” and when it’s finally complete, it falls off due to the weight of the paint.

    I live in NYC, so I haven’t actually driven by this place, just see it on r/gaming a lot.

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