21 thoughts on “DOOM Eternal will support Ray Tracing”

  1. Not buying a first generation RT card but as they come down in price, I look forward to playing Doom Eternal in its 3rd-4th year.

  2. That doesn’t mean shit. It could be only for Shadows or Reflections like SJW-Field or TombRaider.

    But I rather play at locked 144FPS.

  3. It fucking better lol overpriced 2080ti got like 2 games with ray tracing and then Minecraft and quake like wtf

  4. I cant fathom the idea of upgrading my 1080ti to any 20xx card. Only few gsmes support it , just to take a hard dip in fps. Maybe next gen or the gen after.

  5. I would expect the majority of coming AAA games to support it. Supposedly its pretty easy to implement and it makes for a good marketing blurb.

  6. Welp that made my decision on AMD vs Nvidia. I wonder how well it run on a 2070 or whatever is hot when it comes out

  7. also announced all the levels will now feature rain and puddles and sorry but they had to cut out a lot of the fire.

  8. Nvidia Hairworks 2.0.
    People will turn it on, “oh that’s neat”, then immediately switch it off for better FPS. Mark my words.

  9. That’s good, it’s future proofing, some day we’ll be able to come back to this and take advantage of that.

  10. With how red and colorful the game is, global illumination and the shading in general sound like they could be incredible with this game, especially considering how amazingly optimized the game is. I don’t even have an RTX card and I’m excited for this

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