26 thoughts on “Doom soldier teaching various characters how to shoot”

  1. Why is this cute? This hulk of a being rips demon anuses for a living, that kind of person should not be cute and yet here it is.

  2. “Now remember, treat any firearm as if it were loaded, and do not point it at anything you do not intend to shoot. Any semi-automatic weapon will always load a bullet in the chamber, and that bullet will stay in the chamber even if you remove the magazine, so you want to pull back the hammer to make sure the gun is properly unloaded before and after using it. Lastly, demons above a certain size tend to be resistant to concussive force, so you’ll want to switch to the armor-piercing shells for anything larger than a school bus. Squeeze, don’t Pull.”



  3. I can see he is telling rapunzel to go for the knees to stop them running so she can glory kill them with her frying pan

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