7 thoughts on “Druidstone has reached beta and will release in Spring 2019”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this ever since they announced they weren’t making Grimrock games anymore. I have enough confidence in the team that they’ll create something fun.

    Although re-reading the game name after not hearing about it for so long, it took me a second to remember what it was, and it kind of sounds like something Hearthstone-related. Hopefully that doesn’t confuse people.

  2. I’m waiting for this, as long as it doesn’t pull an “Epic”.

    Legend of Grimrock 2 was an instant classic.

  3. If they actually do release in spring, that will be pretty impressive. Going from beta to launch should mostly be QA and polish, which can still be big time sinks, and spring will be over in like 10 weeks.

    I know very little about this game, but what I’ve seen makes me want to buy it. Glad to hear that one way or another, it shouldn’t be a long wait.

  4. Most promising tacticool rpg release of this year so far, especially considering solid track record of the devs.

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