This *Origin* service is just ridiculous.


Last Friday I created an account on Origin just to buy myself a copy of FIFA. My friend and I wanted to play together and, since it was on sale, I said ‘why not’.

I didn’t recieve my order instantly (how they do it on Steam, for example). The order was set status ‘*pending’* and I waited… I waited the whole weekend just to wake up on Monday and discover that my order was *canceled*. This seemed quite interesting to me and I didn’t waste any time and tried to contact Origin support just to be told that my account was *supsended* due to reasons unknown and that I have to create a support ticket addressed at so called *EA TOS team*.

Therefore, I was banned (or suspended) for purchasing a game on a *completely* new account.

I filled the ticket and sent it to that TOS team. After reviewing my case for an additional day, they unbanned my account. But what a surprise! I can’t make any purchases! Some unknown error occurs while I try to do so.

I contacted the support advisor via on-line chat to consult on the issue only to be told that I have to wait 24 (!) additional hours for their so called *artificial intelligence* to ‘cool down’ before I can possibly even try to make my purchase (and they’re not sure if it’ll help). It’s been *5 days* since I’ve made that first initial purchase (or *tried* to make it).

In the end I just want to say: wow, what a great service! I haven’t spent so much time communicating with people on-line in a long damn time (even if they talk only using the template tech support phrases, lol).


**13/10**, would be fucking *stuck* for days trying to make a goddamn digital purchase again anytime

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21 thoughts on “EA banned my account after I made my first purchase”

  1. lol.

    ai cooldown.

    that’s…tragically dumb.

    [but very ea.]

    hope you get to playing your game with your buddy sooner rather than later, though.

  2. Their intent is to make you work for your copy of FIFA, it will lead to a feeling of pride and accomplishment.

  3. It’s funny how many issues EA has with payment on their service.


    And people say **they want all money**, they don’t even take the money they get XD

  4. The reason why they probably gave you such awesome service is because you had an issue with FIFA…their bread and butter number 1 money making machine. If it was some dogshit BFV or SWBF2 game, they probably could care less.

    Usually Origin’s customer service is horrible.

  5. and ppl are boggled as to why i deleted origin after trying out premier for one month to try out anthem and play the games i missed in the premier vault….


    crash after crash from just adding games to my library. not even downloading them. just cherry-picking out stuff ive missed over the years of my EA boycott.


    ah well, the boycott is back in full swing, and maybe their service wont be shit in another 5 years or so.

  6. At least they cancelled your purchase, so they didnt take any money?

    Are you from Iran or any other country the US forbids its companies to do business with/in? I remember that this happened to an iranian guy, back then there was a big outcry until people realized that it was because of the sanctions, less because EA wants to, that it happened.

  7. People buying FIFA are actively supporting the biggest fraud in video game history.

    If there is one game that needs to be boycotted, it’s FIFA. But you do you.

  8. Its a message. DO NOT BUY THIS SCAM GAME FIFA. Do not empty your bank account on players card to be competitive. MOVE ON. Nothing to see here.

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