28 thoughts on “EA Suggests Anthem Will Be Around For Generations”

  1. Is it just me or has there been several articles during the past 2 months in which EA continues to reassure people that Anthem won’t be dying?

  2. Lmao it isn’t even around now. Just kill it already. Andromeda has more promise then this joke and they killed that very fast.

  3. *Stares Violently at EA’s current state*

    Uh-huh, Yeah, “Generations…” I get what you mean.

    *Continues to play Warframe*

  4. Yeah we know rubbish hangs around for centuries, what do you think all this “Save the planet” stuff is about?

  5. If EA mean this and work on their titles like Ubisoft then I see it. For honor had drops in players that make Anthem look like WOW when it first came out, they fixed it up and added great content. R6S had a poor start as well.

  6. Of course it will be. Its a garbage service game. If this was a single player RPG from Bioware, EA would have killed them by now.

  7. What’s an Anthem? Like the song from ea?

    Is that what they are talking about?

  8. You know whats sad? EA has killed studios for not meeting the expectations EA had. But DICE and Bioware somehow still make games and they are going to support Anthem which does not make money or is a highly regarded franchise. I don’t get why EA would continue to support Anthem since they most likely not going to gain anything from it.

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