8 thoughts on “Eliza (new game by Zachtronics) has released on Steam”

  1. It was an interesting experience, especially with what’s been going on in my life lately some of those themes hit close to home. Mental health is a bitch and a half. My run through was about 5 hours or so, but I was interested enough to finish it in two sittings on launch day so there’s that.

    Overall it’s basically all story, pretty linear path although you get choices in how you can respond in many situations, different endings available but I’m not sure if they can be impacted. And of course, the obligatory solitaire is included.

    The concept of an AI therapist and if it’s helping is interesting, the art is pretty decent too. And you can jump in and out as needed, if you want to repeat a section differently, though I’m not sure if it would result in drastically different dialogue.

    My only complaint would be that the trailer made it seem like you could choose to follow the script or not, so I thought it would be a choice available throughout the game. Unfortunately that’s more an end game thing and you’re otherwise along for the ride. But it’s still good.

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