18 thoughts on “Even the screws inside the PlayStation have the 4 button symbols!”

  1. That’s actually done to help less technical people identify the screw keeping the hard drive in place in case they want to upgrade the PlayStation themselves.

  2. No. Just that 1 single screw does. That’s the screw you need to remove if you want to change the hard drive.

    They make it easily recognizable for people following the instructions on how to do it.

  3. It’s just the one on the HDD. The rest are normal hex screws, like the one beside it. Theyre relatively easy to take apart.

  4. How is this getting upvotes when it was in the fucking manual of the console everyone purchased the part cover is removed with no screws and anyone can see this. Wow, yes it’s a screw with symbols on it, welcome to 2015, sick repost.

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