20 thoughts on “Every bloody month.”

  1. And you can put those tickets in your arse when you suddenly decide to not continue PS+ sub. So yeah, what the point

  2. Nintendo online is the worst for this. When they autorenew your subscription you get two emails. One saying “Thank you for adding funds to your Nintendo wallet” and one saying “Thank you for your purchase”. Madness. Makes me panic every time.

  3. Yeah and it only took 7 hours to download each game. Just got me PS4 a couple days ago and I’m less than impressed with the download speeds. I have 400mb and it still takes FOREVER

  4. It doesnt actually charge you its just its way to confirm and keep track that yes those games are in your library now

  5. I always get floored when I claim the free games from Epic, because I get an email a day later thanking me for my purchase and I’m always like “WHAT”. I only have the launcher for the free games, please don’t make me think someone else is using my account.

  6. I know what you are talking about, but they are not free games. I’m not even talking about the PS Plus fee you pay every month. As soon as you decide you don’t want to make those monthly payments anymore, NONE of those games are “yours” anymore!

  7. My husband gets the emails and is like what did you buy now. At least its not as bad as my crystal/rock addiction.

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