43 thoughts on “Every time I see this status effect on weapons in games”

  1. Vermintide 2 *Handmaiden has an ability to charge THROUGH the bodies of enemies*

    Might cause bleeding, dunno, depends on their armour and how resistant their cells are to an elf passing through their entire body.

  2. That’s why I just slap people with the flat of the blade till they give up. Wouldn’t want to see any blood. Ew.

  3. +35% chance to cause bleeds, yes. That is accurate. Hitting someone through armor does not guarantee severing limb from limb, or causing deep gauges. Further, the way I’ve always read this kind of stat was like hitting an artery or something that could cause the opponent to actively bleed out if they had to walk/crawl a few miles alone without assistance.

  4. Only the bleeding causes you to question it? Not the fact that a sword can have a “critical chance” to magically hurt for more despite you swinging it exactly the same? Or that the “critical chance” to magically hurt them for more can also be magically increased?

  5. You misunderstand. It’s actually a 65% chance to NOT cause bleeding, because your attack is so badass, that it cauterizes the wound instantly. You’re greatly underestimating the power of that sword.

  6. Some swords and knives are designed to not only cut and stab, but also to tear and rend causing extra bleeding. Right?

  7. I’ve always thought of bleed DoT as ‘hit an artery’; like a crit but Dot rather than flat % dmg up. saying ‘it’s a sword; of course it causes bleeding’ is like worrying that a scraped knee is going to make you bleed out.

  8. But there is a difference between cutting just some skin and cutting an artery. I think the latter is what those stats refer to.

  9. I’d like to imagine ones is a flesh wound and the bleeding effect is hitting an artery or something significant to bleed out.

  10. When I see this, I always imagine that the bleeding caused nicks a major artery or something, you can get quite a few cuts and they not be life threatening, but maybe you just have a sharper blade that has a chance to cut deeper? I unno I just roleplay it I guess

  11. To be fair, the sharp part is much less than 35% of a sword’s surface area. You just have a 35% chance to be holding it by the right end, and facing it the right direction.

    Geralt focuses on footwork and rolling. He just looks up every 2-3 swings to see how the fight is going and orients the sword correctly. Lore accurate.

  12. Big difference between a clean wound and a bleeder.

    But also, this is a video game. They’re just letting you know that you have a chance to apply a DoT.

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