48 thoughts on “Everyone after Disney+ complaining about too many streaming services, I’m over here like…”

  1. Difference is, once you stop paying for Disney+, they cut you off until if you decide to renew subscription. You buy one game from Epic/uPlay/Steam/Origin, it’s there forever, even if you never buy another from them.

  2. And I’m here like “I don’t care. I use the train or bus, go by foot or by bike, or even go by car or plane. So why the fuck should I bother if there’s one piece of software/subscription more?’

  3. I don’t use anything except Steam and BNet. Haven’t used uPlay since Anno 1800 or Origin in like 2 Years. Never used Epic or Bethesda.

  4. This isn’t a real comparison, you have to buy the games individually.

    This would be like if I bought the office from NBC, and the Simpson’s from disney+, not the whole service.

    That’s why people are pissed

  5. Theyre complaining about streaming services because theres so many of them and they *all* charge money without realizing, or doing seemingly anything about the fact that people dont want to pay a monthly fee for 5 separate streaming services

  6. One HUGE glaring difference, disney+ all other string service cost money to use, all thoes you don’t have to put a single penny into

  7. I hope the streaming apocalypse destroys them all except for Netflix. All these new bullshit services are not designed to be competition, it’s just big corporations getting jealous of the cool new kid on the block who don’t want to share in a big collective pie that satisfies everyone, but instead want everyone to pay for all their separate flavours individually.

    They’re butthurt that everyone is slagging them off as companies (because they have shitty business practices and 100% deserve it) but are enjoying their content on a platform they don’t control, so they’re taking their toys and going home, hoping that the other kids care enough to follow them back into their little walled garden.

    They seem to think that everyone will happily shell off $10 or $15 bucks a month for *each* service just to gain access to the handful of shows each one supplies, likely forcing this by ISP-connected services speed limiting their competitors, so you have no choice but to subscribe to theirs while leveraging the regional monopolies they have over the various parts of the USA. That would be the corporate win scenario: customers on their network are compelled to move to their ISP provided service at the expense of Netflix and the other providers, forcing them to shell out even more money for additional content and acceptable usability.

    What I *hope* happens is that everyone gives a fat middle finger to the big cable and media companies and just pirate all their content, while probably keeping their Netflix (and possibly Amazon) subscription as a provider-neutral platform they already enjoy who was “first” that provides them with good service.

    The consumer win is that all the greedy toddler companies kill off or wind down their services due to massive unprofitability, put all their content back on Netflix and invest money in Netflix shares so they get some form of direct monetary return. They’d have more incentive to make Netflix more successful since the better it does, the better they do and the more viewers they get for their work and the fatter the returns.

  8. Is there not some palpable absurdity to people building $1,000+ rigs with terabytes on terabytes of storage space, 16GB or more of RAM, and cutting-edge graphics cards and then griping about the number of game storefronts/launch platforms in a free marketplace?

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