42 thoughts on “Everyone thought I was Jessie but you guys will know Iā€™m a Johto grunt šŸ˜¤”

  1. I want to wax your hardwood floor. Like literally. It would look so good after I’m done refinishing it. Use some mineral spirits to clean it all up, buff it up and finish with a nice stain.

  2. Alright. Here is the deal. I believe that it is a power cord and what is going on here is they have rigged another outlet from behind it to be able to steal power. If this wall for example was the other side of a hall, there would be another outlet that belongs to the power of the building for using the vacuum and what not. Anyone who has an apartment check out the hall. You may see a mirrored power outlet.

  3. I love reddit- come for the inevitable thirsty guy comments and instead get a fascinating discourse on power outlet design.

  4. You don’t look anything like Jessie except for the R. This is like dressing up as a stormtrooper and people guessing you’re Darth Vader.

  5. Damnit, I don’t wanna come off as a perv, but someone needs to grab the low hanging fruit here…

    Okay damn it. “I’d like to make that rocket grunt”

  6. Until I saw the outlet I thought you were laying on the ground and it was a cool shot from above. Thinking about it kinda gives me vertigo, that’s weird. I’m probably just sleepy though it was a long night.

  7. For everyone who that you were Jessie, they were a fool.
    For dressing as a johto grunt on Halloween, you’re hella cool.

    So prepare for more rhyme
    Its probably a crime

    For posting on reddit is a sensation
    Though I’m not sure if its considered an Original Creation

    A pokemon fan is what youre made of
    An odd cable from the Wall in the pic above


    Team Rocket cosplay is such a grand sight!
    I hope this comment was a delight.

    Meowth that’s right!

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