1. In Real racing 3, you can literally get those gold by watching videos rather than spending money on it….Just fyi..

  2. Like it or not the mobile market if gargantuan, so from a business perspective making mobile games is far more logical, despite the oversaturation.

  3. … We do and will continue to have virtual reality in 2020.
    Sometimes it’s like the people that make these pics spend about 2 seconds thinking about it.

  4. For those that are unaware, the third picture is referencing the release of wow classic. It comes out in a few months.

  5. Actually we went on a full circle of a different kind than the one the image insinuates. WoW was the poster boy game of the subscription model where you have to pay a monthly fee to play it. Many MMOs tried it but almost everyone abandoned it. These days everyone from mobile to shooter and anything in between are considering it or adoring it in a modified shape (Season Pass).

  6. I mean….in my experience gaming as a general market has been pretty good over the last few years, sure 2018 had a bit of a drought but over all we’ve seem some solid consistency from both the aaa and indie markets.

  7. 2020 is gonna be good for VR tho. It’s already in a good place, where we have multiple devices to chose from, and a lot of games, including some AAA ones. Sure it’s not gonna be as widespread as a mobile game, but nothing will be as widespread as mobile games anymore.

  8. imagine. a whole new generation will get to experience not knowing where mankrik’s wife is. and will get to kill those fucking oozes in the wetlands for that stupid fucking bag quest that takes you like 3 hours

  9. WoW really took a downturn recently. But, hey, maybe they are working on Warcraft IV. You should check out Conqueror’s blade while you are at it. It is free, awesome, and beautiful.

  10. When profit is more important than the product or customer. Seen in every industry across America now. Sucks.

  11. I’d totally love to play WoW but i haven’t the rig to run it or the friends to no life it. So sad times.

  12. Never played WOW in my life for the obvious reasons that the monthly fee it asks is a severe deal breaker to me.

  13. VR isn’t to the level i want it to be to a good game platform. It feels like the games that are on it are gimmicks, mobile-level games, or games designed around not having VR that have been adapted, like Skyrim and Doom. There need to be major, full length high production games released on VR before i consider investing in such a pricey peripheral.

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