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  1. Warhammer 40k and MTG were the original micro transactions to me, don’t want to know how much money I spent on booster packs and plastic figures (¬_¬)

  2. My wallet is more like:

    “Dude! You have over 600 games you NEVER played!”
    “You don’t need anything new to that collection.”
    “And play something ELSE then Minecraft for a change!”

  3. The problem with those games is that they require friends.

    They should really put a disclaimer on the box “Friends not included”

  4. Playing D&D is easy and contains only 4 steps:

    Step 1: Set a date that fits for everyone

    Step 2: Do hours and hours of preparing

    Step 3: Watch everyone cancel the date

    Step 4: Cry

  5. God, I had my Warhammer 40k time around 13/14… Bless my parents for putting with buying that!!

    Still have the box with all of it, but it’s cursed, I’m afraid of what will happen if I go take a look…
    My wallet will hate me!

  6. ###Expensive Hobby
    |0|/u/ithinkther41am|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/JbVJzjN.png)|I’m imagining that guy is just pretending to be your wallet so he can fool you into buying games for him.|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfdlef/)|
    |1|/u/captunknown|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/Ab4HTrr.png)|i too want to see a game that costs infinite dollars|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfcpju/)|
    |2|/u/League0fGaming|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/zoGDgwG.png)|Comic $140? That’s a rip-off!|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfc9nh/)|
    |3|/u/GTX2GvO|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/YCAHr94.png)|Well. At least the big AAA companies like EA and such aren’t charging us by the minute…. ​ ​ YET.|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfd18h/)|
    |4|/u/kosumoth|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/TTmmiMS.png)|D&D is the obvious choice though because all you really need is the rulebook and some sheets of paper. Magic is an endless money pit.|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfgjq4/)|
    |5|/u/League0fGaming|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/uw55uhq.png)|I don’t see how that’s my problem >:(|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezff2i6/)|
    |6|/u/Schmooferino|[EDIT](https://i.imgur.com/SmyvPVE.png)|HEY, THAT GUY GOT THE COMIC FOR ONLY $120!|[Link](/r/gaming/comments/d0ykht/expensive_hobby/ezfi2gb/)|

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  7. But magic cards are so cheap! You can buy whole decks for 20 dollars and have some fun with friends at a kitchen table. Then you can go to a store, and play in a friendly prerelease event where you promptly get shit kicked by a 14 year old who has been playing since they could read. So you then decide to go to a Friday night magic event with a deck that you think is op against your friends only to get shitkicked by the same 14 year old with a tier one competitive deck they’ve earned by winning a decent amount of store credit through regular competitions. So you decide to buy a tier one deck thinking you’ll win a few tournaments and keep your money going only to get dumpstered by everyone expecting that tier one deck with their unreasonably efficient sideboard plans and intricate knowledge of how your deck works.

    I don’t have a problem you have a problem.

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