I just saw an advertisement for LG 49 inch monitor.

I’m not a tech expert by no means so what games would even support this type of ratio?

Even so, can a player even process a monitor that wide?

What are you thoughts?

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8 thoughts on “EXTRA EXTRA “Ultra” Wide Monitors”

  1. I assume those monitors use a 32:9 resolution instead of 21:9 surprisingly more and more games are starting to support it

  2. Ultrawide screens are nice for everything. Its like going 144hz, you cantvreally go back to 16:9.

    Most games support them and youre gonna use that extra space for eveything (browsing, working). It also covers more of your peripherial vision so more immersion I guess.

  3. The only time im not in love with my 3440×1440 at 144, is when playing metroidvania’s and other 2d games that are married to 16:9 aspects, and even then it’s still awesome.

  4. I think most games that support 21:9 would support that resolution. And like 90% of games have 21:9 support out of the box. Those that don’t usually have a fix you can find online.

    I was looking into buying one from Samsung. 49″ 144hz with HDR but I don’t think that current graphics cards can handle that resolution right now at higher frames.

    As for immersion, my only complaint about my current UW is that it’s not wider. I think 49″ would be the sweet spot.

  5. Samsung CRG9 owner here (32:9, 5120X1440 resolution). The majority of AAA titles I play support this aspect ratio (BFV, BL3, DOOM to name a few), and if a game doesn’t support it I can usually edit an .ini file or use a hex editor to force it to display properly. The added peripheral vision is amazing for games, though I can see how it may not be for everybody. You can check out the ultrawide subreddit for more info/opinions.

    And of course people can process a monitor that wide. Our eyes have an even wider peripheral vision for a reason.

  6. I’m speaking in generalizations here, OP, but devs either support arbitrary ratios or they don’t. They don’t have to think about and put extra effort into supporting 21:9 and then 32:9 and then 48:9 (triple monitor gaming). They just have to support changing the ratio in general.

  7. 32:9 is the equivalent of having two 16:9 monitors next to each other without a bezel. UW’s are great I’d highly reccomend one for you games and a side 4K for chat/web/media

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