50 thoughts on “F for the fallen soldier..”

  1. Who’s Billy Eilish?

    I thought they were saying Billy English on Conan, but for some reason thought they mean like Billy Idol.

  2. There are much better games to play if you want emotional. Mass Effect 3 prolly hit me with the feels the hardest.

    “Would have like to run tests on the sea shells” 🙁

  3. •Minecraft pets dying
    •favorite Animal Crossing villager leaves
    •original BF2 campaign
    •Love Nikki: Dressup Queen , especially the “Brave New World” event
    •Presentable Liberty
    •Doki Doki Literature Club

  4. The moment they started dragging him to safety and I saw the colossal blood trail that was appearing behind him…I knew I this wasnt going to end well.

  5. At first I wonder why OP is making memes about fictional conversations about a 14 year old girl’s music taste, then I realized OP is probably also 14 years old

  6. You know what, I saw Billie Eilish live at a festival because I didn’t fancy the other acts who were on at the same time. Out of every love act there she was the only one who looked like she was actually enjoying herself. Not usually my kind of music but I found her enthusiasm infectious and you just don’t get that with most pop artists these days.

  7. I have nothing against Billie Eilish, but holy shit I can’t stand Lizzo. She cant sing to save her life. Always sound like she just had a heart attack after taking a couple steps.

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