6 thoughts on “Fear & Fury: How The Rockstar Sausage Is Made (The Jimquisition)”

  1. We just had a thread about this a few days ago. A bunch of people bitched it was from Kotaku they didn’t give a fuck people were getting sexually assaulted because it happens every day and they were victim blaming.

  2. Stuff like this needs to be brought to light if the industry is to ever change. Regardless of how people feel about Sterling himself or his style, what he’s reporting on here is important.

  3. Rockstar management goes full rockstar. Gee, what a surprise. Honestly, the way they press games out, it sounds like they rush the fuck out of every IP entry but try to paint themselves as “worked for years” on the games. You don’t figure there’s other shit going on?

  4. Really sad that all that talent at Rockstar studios have to endure this. There are many who work in management for all the wrong reasons.

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