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  1. Just wait 20 years for the aging population to die off. Look at a demographics chart. Our population (at least here in Canada) is super top heavy. When they die off there will literally be more houses than there are people looking to buy them. All of the fancy dream homes that the older folks are building for their retirement will either sit empty or will sell for insanely cheap due to low demand.

    Edit: hike -> home

    Edit: I may be thinking more niche than I originally though. Ontario, at least, will be pretty bad: [ontario population](https://i.imgur.com/L18mNC8.jpg)

  2. The original Monopoly game was actually intended to be a commentary on capitalism, so this should logically be the next installment.

    EDIT: typo

  3. I bet the game ends the same way.

    A bunch of yelling, followed by awkward silence, and someone trying to find a tiny metal boot under the couch

  4. To be fair, how many generations has it been that all the land was already owned? When’s the last time you heard of someone conquering a few acres?

  5. Tbh… Considering how many moldy homes there are in Finland. I’m fucking happy I’m renting. Because I can get the fuck away from this apartment with a day’s notice (I got an amazing contract.). If I owned a house or apartment and turns out there is mold there because of past mistakes, or absolutely shit work by the contractors in the past, I’m stuck with 2-300.000€ of debt and a property I can not get rid of.

    Seriously… the situation is fucking dire. But hey… got to be energy efficient… 0 energy houses are going to be a fucking blast in this nordic climate. Meters of insulation and plastic, in a sealed environment.

    Yeah I ain’t going to fucking buy any property until our building regulations get some fucking sense knocked in to them.

  6. Finally, a version of Monopoly that’s a thinly veiled diss track on unchecked capitalism and greed. Oh wait that’s every Monopoly.

  7. Just need a older individual standing over you question your every move. *at your age I paid for my college and owned a house*

  8. I played this before it’s pretty funny some of the chance cards say stuff like “Found $5 in your friends couch”

  9. Peter: Aww, man doesn’t anyone ever win at this game!?

    Cleveland: You don’t win. You just do a little better each time.

  10. Sounds about right. Add in that you simultaneously can’t afford a home, let alone kids, so you’ll get your teeth kicked in on taxes when you’ve got more than one job but no dependents, 0 withholding.

    Then every time you attempt to save money, some “life happens” event goes down and sucks you dry. Fuckin rad

  11. It even comes with a salty old republican cursing at you every time you collect 200$. Which is only worth ~120$ due to inflation. And is taxed to 85$. And he also collects it but thats none of your business.

  12. I’ve played Millennial Monopoly once with my family, it was a fun and interesting take on the game, but in my opinion it has zero replayability. >!Money only helps you for the first couple turns, after that it becomes evident to everyone that the money in this game means nothing, so you can’t really trade it for anything which is most of the fun/action in Monopoly. !<

    >!The winner is determined by luck. Whoever gets the most +3 and +2 experiences wins. !<

    That being said, it was fun the first time.

  13. My wife and I got this as a Christmas gift from her parents. It’s fun in a ‘feels bad man’ kind of way. It’s tongue in cheek and pretty simple compared to the original. Everyone starts with very little cash, because millennials. And the amount of cash at the end of the games doesn’t even affect who wins, because realistically none of us will go out with much.

    The purpose of the game is to gather likes on your experiences. As you go around the board you land on places like ‘vegan bakery’ and ‘music festival’ and can ‘experience’ them rather than renting. Then anyone landing on them after you is only doing so having been ‘influenced’ or ‘encouraged’ to go there by you. So you both get likes.

    The chance cards are great too. My wife had to go to jail because ‘she single handedly brought down the napkin industry’ but she had a get out of jail free card that said ‘your parents bail you out.’

    All in all, it’s pretty fun if you can laugh at yourself. Would definitely recommend playing at a board game cafe. Not owning though, cause none of us realistically have any money.

    Proof – https://i.imgur.com/pN4VXGB.jpg

    Edited to add a picture to prove its existence.

  14. I can’t tell who this game is more of a rip on, Millennials for being Millennials, or Baby Boomers for ruining the economy. (Or Gen Xers since they are never brought up in conversations.)

  15. oh the lazy millennials, they just need to wave a magic wand to get 10x money the previous generations needed to buy homes and then buy them. what’s the problem?! **/s**

  16. Millennial is a stupid term. Everyone thinks it means kids of the 90s but technically it means everyone born from 1982 and 2001. That’s a big gap, especially when it comes technology and media because millennials are supposed to have all that in common. If you’re born in the 90s you’re not going to have any of that in common with someone from the 80s. I think they should knock a decade off of that and give us 80s kids our own name.

  17. The luxury edition also comes with a small USB drive with hundreds of short rants by baby boomers about millennials. Highlights include:

    – how lazy millennials are in general
    – how easy life were if millennials just stopped complaining
    – that owning a house and two cars by your mid-20s is just a matter of not wasting your money on those newfangled interweb phone thingies while sitting in coffee shops and getting a job instead
    – that college isn’t expensive at all unless you’re a lazy bum who can’t get their ass in gear to work a small part time job in order to pay for it
    – that millennials are all so butthurt and overly sensitive nowadays
    – that a true millennial can’t find anything not to be offended about
    – that the government is doing a bang-on job and millenials should stop complaining and start voting instead
    – that millennials shouldn’t vote because they don’t know what they’re talking about

    Just put that stick in your playback device of choice, set it on random and loop, and enjoy the game even more!

  18. The chance cards are just criticisms

    “Stop whining”

    “You would have been able to afford property if you hadn’t bought eggs”

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