31 thoughts on “Finally”

  1. Just got Link’s Awakening. Madden is in prime MUT season. CoD coming out in a few weeks, followed by Luigi’s Mansion, then Pokemon. And now I get to play RDR2 again on PC. So pumped.

    edit: Forgot Death Stranding and Halo PC.

  2. Omg yesss I was literally just about to buy it for Xbox too. I waited this long because I really wasn’t keen on playing it in 800p or whatever it is

  3. Just an FYI to anyone who wasn’t aware. This is the first game that the entirety of Rockstar has worked on together. They stopped all other projects and devoted every studio to this game. The level of detail in this open world rivals linear titles.

    My favorite thing in this game was the treasure maps. They didn’t just put a damn marker on the map. You get an actual hand drawn map with clues and pictures. You have to figure it out on your own. Its fantastic. I spent an entire Saturday solving one and it was just a blast.

    Edit : and the treasure maps had a brother with in game directions. Sometimes you’d encounter someone who would say something like “There’s a house north of here with an old woman living in it. Shes got something valuable in the basement”. No marker. No arrow. You have to go north and find the house yourself.

  4. Where’s Red “Dad” Redemption 1, thou? That’s the one i’m looking for on PC…and…and Midnight Club while we are at it…

  5. Looks they’ve about sold all they can on consoles so they’re now double dipping by selling on PC over a year later.

  6. I would lie and say I too am waiting a month for it to arrive on steam but to be honest… I’ll probably wait 6 months or so for it to have a reasonable discount.

  7. The smug side of me wishes I took screenshots of every person on reddit telling me this game won’t come to PC so I make a collage out of it.

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