47 thoughts on “For anyone who can’t quite finish that one game…”

  1. Me: (*browses through the library of trophies*)

    Me: (*sees that two missing from different games*)

    Me: (*Fine all 1000 chests, Find all 1000 collectables*)


  2. Now I’m not one for giving up on difficult games, I’ve finished all the souls games and all those like but sekiro fucked me in the ass I just couldn’t do it so I sold it and plan on getting it again when it’s cheaper but my god it’s a brilliant game.

  3. Actually couldn’t finish dark souls 1 in the 360 days. Kinda always bothered me cause i enjoyed it so much, but i just couldn’t get past seath the scaleless. Last year that it got remastered I decided to commit to it and made sure to finish it no matter how long it took. After about five days i made it back to seath. Somehow all of that old frustration i had from my original run came back. Ultimately it took about a week for me to beat him ( i know that’s way too long lmao) and damn did it feel great to do so. I felt really accomplished that i beat a challenge that seemed impossible for me. Took me about another 2 days to finish the game and that sense of accomplishment only grew. Point is that the OP’s pic is right on the money. Sometimes you just got to keep going no matter how difficult something maybe. Know that my example is gaming related, but it’s a really good life lesson

  4. If you’re not having fun playing a game, go play something else. This post is nonsense in a gaming context, but helpful for someone working a job they don’t like considering unemployment as an out.

  5. Having video game ADD means i end up replaying the first 8 hours of a ton of games, sometimes multiple times. Then i never get to enjoy the end because i quit from being burned out on the beginning. after wow thats what ruined most MMOs for me, playing the first 20 levels or so of every class to find out what i liked then hating the game because i just played 40+ hours of the same content

  6. Funny thing is using the image of Soul of Cinder (which is the collective physically manifested vessel of all the past Lords who linked the Fire, giving up their lives in the process) to exemplify willpower in retrying… It’s a shell of it’s former self, it gave up everything simply because it was told to do so, because it was so egocentric as to want the gods to rule forever, for the world never to change, to only delay the unevitable.

    Yet here someone is, using it as a symbol of willpower. The irony…

  7. Omega Pirate boss fight, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime Trilogy on Hypermode… It took me three months, every day I would try at least two times, if I even got hit once walking from the save room to the boss room I would restart… I needed every single bit of life for that one… haha

  8. I seriously gotta do this for bloodborne…. the only game where I gave up after 20 minutes in. I’ve tried restarting the game a couple times but cannot get into it -_- i never had that issue with dark souls and dark souls 2

  9. When I was younger, I was all about cheat codes and the Game Genie. These days I LOATHE cheats. Just ends up with me giving up at some point, for a good amount of games.

  10. I’ve beaten ds3 twice and I wanna play it again but I get extremely bored cuz I’ve played the entire intro 50mil + times already

  11. My brother, who is fucking 10 years old, literally went through 4 bosses in Dark Souls and then said “nah, it’s too hard, I give up”

  12. Yesterday i was about to quit sekiro in the last boss. Today i defeated him and finally finished the game. Fuck that game. I enjoyed it tho

  13. Or do what I do – get a trainer and play offline….

    I enjoyed ds 1-3 but won’t be playing sekiro or any game that doesn’t have quest markers….

  14. I’m literally playing through DS3 for the first time and had rage quit 30 minutes before seeing this. I got back on and got through. Thanks. 😁

  15. #1 rule of entrepreneurship
    When you fail, fail fast.
    Meaning dont try to save a sinking ship. Get out while you still have some sort of cash flow. Quite the opposite of this.

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