42 thoughts on “For real tho this game deserves a larger playerbase.”

  1. Hello, TF2 brother.

    Legitimately the best FPS game I’ve ever played. Great story, fun multiplayer, awesome community.

  2. love this game but i recently redownloaded it and the players tha’ve been getting beastly at this game since launch make it incredibly hostile to have any kind of fun. if you’re trying to (re)learn the basics you’ll get erased by people with hundreds of hours in the game.

  3. It is sad that i actually love this game, but the launcher has countlessly ruined my experience. I have not been able to ever retrieve my account to play this game even if i tried. I love this game, but it is held back in ways not pertaining the game.

  4. One of the best games of the last years…saddly bf1 (wich is worse) came out the same month and was advertised heavenly…

  5. How long is the campaign? The game is cheap right now but before I buy it I want to see how long I can plan on playing it one-player. I don’t play online.

  6. YES. My friends and I play this all the time. The community is so tiny now that it’s incredibly tight-knit; most of the clans know each other by name.

    It needs a resurrection.

  7. Ah, it wouldn’t be alone – there’s a ton of games out there that have great concepts, but nobody to play with. A multiplayer game with no one to play with is simply no game at all.

    I remember a few years back there was a title called Nuclear Dawn. Hybrid FPS/RTS, where one person plays as the ‘Commander’ and controls the base building, while the FPS players duke it out.

    It had plenty of flaws – if your commander sucked, the entire team was boned, and losses could sometimes be a slow, hopeless slog. Yet there was a lot of strategy to it as well – the RTS player has no vision where the FPS players are not present, shutting down an important enemy power relay caused a temporary outage until it could get replaced, and making sure to create respawn points instead of turrets helped favor your FPS players, and FPS players could even bop the enemy commander which forced everything to grind to a halt if they could sneak in. Classes also had a bit of nuance; each class had certain roles, but their kit let them switch it up a bit, with Infantry being the standard all-rounders, the Infiltrators who were fast and invisible (but could be detected by Infantry), Heavy with tons of armor and range, and Support which could resupply the others without needing an otherwise fragile supply station.

    You can still buy the game, but because no one plays, every game will be filled with bots. Wouldn’t have called it a bad game, but I’m a bit miffed the choice isn’t even there anymore. That’s part of the reason I never bought games like For Honor or Chivalry; was always afraid that players might leave and I wouldn’t have enough people to play with.

  8. Titanfall 1 was the reason I switched from playstation back to xbox. Played it at a friends house and just loved dropping from the sky and kicking ass. I’m surprised this hasn’t grown as a franchise to be honest.

  9. You’re lying if you say you didn’t shed a tear at the end for BT. I have never loved a robot so much in my life.

  10. I love this game but sadly, everyone I know who played the game only play apex now, which isn’t nearly as good to me.

  11. It released the same time as Call of Duty and Battlefield, and EA gave Battlefield priority in terms of advertising.

    As much as I like Apex Legends, I hope Respawn go ahead with a third Titanfall eventually

  12. Good try insanely good titanfall player! You’re not gonna get me to jump back in the game just to be killed 20 times in 5 minutes. I’ve learned that lesson far too well already.

  13. I am just going to go ahead and say it, the game is fun and has great single player. But the multiplayer has just way too big of a skill gap for casuals to have fun which is the main reason it died.

    Having all double jumps/wall running everywhere means casuals can’t even get a few hits on skilled players. Compound by the fact that skilled players will get a big ass Titan faster then casual players, the entire multiplayer felt like casuals are just completely cannon fodders and can’t even get a few kills.

    It’s the type of game where hardcore gamers that like to go on social media/reddit would love, but for casuals want some sit back and get a few kills here and there, the game is absolutely fucking brutal for them. And without casuals, the populuation just isn’t there.

  14. I got into this game way late, multiplayer is what nightmares are made of for me.

    I play lots of FPS but nothing can prepare you for the ninjago elitist maniacs that have been playing this since launch.

    I’m trying to learn the map and aim at brains when a flash of light crawls along the wall and rips my face off before disappearing into thin air. I’m not sure I’ve killed even 1 single enemy, and if I did it was against some poor schmuck like me, boots quaking at the sound of the mech around the corner, pants full of piss from the last 10 deaths that happened so fast nothing could be learned or improved on.

    I’m playing checkers and they’re playing space chess.

    Fun campaign though.

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