Been mobile gaming for years, and I feel like I always need a mobile game to help fill the time.

I’m at the point where I feel like I should finally put them away. What are the major benefits that you’ve seen, and do you miss it?

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7 thoughts on “For those that stopped mobile gaming altogether, did you notice any major benefits in your life?”

  1. Bus rides are a hell of a lot more boring. I’m noticing how shitty our road repair is now. Oh, and there’s this one dog that lives next to a particular bus stop that always glares as the bus goes by, but never barks.

  2. I quit for a month on 2 separate occasions. I found that nothing changed unless I quit all forms of entertainment entirely. Social media, YouTube, movies, twitch. Everything had to go. It is easier for me to just focus on keeping gaming under control than to end all forms of entertainment in my life. Which I have tried btw. It sucked

  3. Do it. Most big mobile games are just monetized chores where you perform repetitive tasks for no practical gain. I found that dropping them took away a lot of stress as I was no longer worried about getting those daily chores done. I have recently changed to audiobooks when commuting and am much happier.

  4. Couldn’t recommend it more. You start to realize how little it matters as the months go by. It’s typically very repetitive chores with no end in sight as these companies know how to always draw you in.

  5. Well, i lost the ability to cook my eggs on the back of my phone but my battery last longer!! Woohoo💪🏻

  6. I find mobile gaming just makes you a vegetable, you don’t even think you just sit there playing some terrible depthless game and then you realise it’s.time to sleep.

    Edit: only acceptable mobile game is open transport tycoon

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