36 thoughts on “Foreshadowing i see”

  1. “No microtransactions. No loot boxes”

    It’s absolute horseshit that these are considered selling points in modern video games.

  2. Players get the game and realise it is only a fraction of what they expected, followed by over priced DLCs to get the rest. But hey, no loot boxes or micro transactions. Just a few mega transactions.

  3. But time saver packs will be added for sure. EA loves his time savers. Pay to not play this game because our grinding system is horse shit.

  4. They only even bother advertising this because a single player has no room for such things in the first place.

    Don’t be fooled, EA will continue to milk consumers in any multiplayer game they have their hands in.

  5. When did not having micro transactions become a selling point for a game? Regardless, I hope they keep their word.

  6. If EA had any kind of self-awareness, they would stop plastering their name all over this game (or any game) and just be a publisher somewhere in the background.

  7. The way I see it EA has no choice but to start shaping up. They’ve lost revenue from almost every recently released game. If they dont there wont be much of EA left in the next decade considering all the new partnerships / buyouts.

  8. Something is up here for sure. Maybe it will be super short (like 6 hour) for 60€? Or they cut the actual game in half and sell the second part like 2 years from now for another 60

  9. I wonder if they’ll break this promise and claim it was made by a social media intern without the authority to make it, or find some new insidious way to monetise the game so they can say they’re technically not breaking it.

  10. This just makes me wonder how they’re going to fuck us.

    If they don’t fuck us, then EA will have gone a long way to earning back my trust. Companies can change, I mean look at Activision-Blizzard.

  11. Do they not have 1 single aware person running their Twitter that maybe could have been like, guys, not the best key phrase or tagline?

    Also, guys and gals, if you find out there is a ton of dlc and you buy this game, they have your money already. Abstaining from buying the dlc isn’t good enough. The only way you get the message across is with your money. You are essentially choosing what features you do want in future games; Don’t buy it then complain about features you knew about.

    Now, if you want dlc or don’t care, game on! Like I mentioned, it is a vote and that’s your choice.

    Ultimately, you can like and dislike any aspect of any game, just be civil to each other. Nobody is getting everything they want and many post and comment these opinions here to express their positive experiences and frustrations. Fighting and arguing here contributes nothing.

  12. These assholes can fuck off. They have lied to us before and even if what they are saying is true now, it’s only for the sole reason to get their company out of the shitter of a reputation it has gained, and rightfully so. Whoever is in charge of the business practices at EA has a complete and utter disregard for the quality of games and the satisfaction of people who buy them, more interested in squeezing out cash with as minimal effort as possible. It’s even more stupid when anyone involved in the gaming community knows, that great games make a great reputation and what do you know! great cash!

  13. Fuck ea. They aren’t doing this from the goodness of their heart or because it’s what fans want. They are doing it because micro transactions don’t sell on a single player game where you don’t get a competitive advantage and can’t show of your skins to your buddies. It just doesn’t make financial sense for them, so instead they use the opportunity to greedily harvest undeserved Goodwill.

  14. I’m playing through Sekiro at the moment. There’s no loot boxes and no microtransactions. It’s not a selling point, it would be fucking baffling if they were in there.

  15. In a week’s time, “We have heard your feedback and for those disappointed there will be no loot boxes, we will be adding even more to FIFA Ultimate Team!” said an EA spokesman.

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