12 thoughts on “Found this at a restaurant near my house”

  1. A testament to Moore’s Law and how much progress tech has made. Back then the only way to play games the way they were meant to be played was on really expensive dedicated hardware.

    I was never a big Tekken fan but I was a MK and Street Fighter fan. The arcade versions were so much better than the Genesis/SNES ports. Not only the graphics and controls but the sound.

    Consoles caught up with the PS2 and Xbox 1. By that point console ports were pretty much identical to the arcade version. And that was pretty much the end for them in America. Still going strong in Japan.

  2. I used to row in college and our school was often called “Tech” so before races we’d put our hands in and the coach would say “‘Tech’ in two. One, two” and then everyone would say “Tech” and at some point someone pointed out that “Tech in two” sounds exactly like we were saying “Tekken II” and after that we couldn’t unhear it

  3. What is so special about a Tekken II cabinet? You can find one of these bad boys in pretty much any bar-cade nowadays.

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