31 thoughts on “Found this at garage sale”

  1. Very cool find!

    I just watched The Videogame Historian’s *History of Tetris* the other day. If you haven’t seen it, it gives a great look into the bonkers story of licensing, politics, and negotiating that brought Tetris to the West; including how Spectrum Holobyte (the company on your disc) was caught up in it all.

    Highly recommend!

  2. I had this! And if I remember correctly they didn’t have any piracy protections so they did one of those things that a lot of cheap games of the 90s did where to play the game you had to find obscure answers to questions in the manual that came with the game. I remember we lost the manual but we remembered the answer to one of the questions so we had to load up the game repeatedly until they asked the question about the hockey playing bears.

  3. Spectrum HoloByte! Brings back memories of that Star Trek The Next Generation game they put out. Man, I think I still have that around here somewhere…

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