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  1. What is your favorite video game and why?


    Mine would have to be God of War because of the tragic storyline and the amazing graphics

  2. What the hell am I supposed to play now that Bungie is fucking up Destiny 2 even more and Massive is on their way to fucking up Division 2? I’ve been off Overwatch for a while, Apex is good but only for a bit.

    I’m a man without a house right now. Maybe I’ll go beat RE2 finally

  3. What would be a good game for 3 thirtysomethings to play, who are just looking for a good laugh whilst having a few drinks?

    Already got FIFA, PES, Madden, NHL. Any other suggestions?

  4. I was thinking about this the other day but didn’t want to make a stand alone post for it. I miss Red Faction Guerrilla’s multiplayer. The different backpack power ups like the blast jet that would bust through floors of a building, or the rhino pack that let you charge through walls. And the weapons! SO much destruction. I feel like there needs to be more multiplayer games where the entire buildings are 100% destructible. It was so much fun to take down a 6 story building and see all the people it killed. And that noise that told you the building or whatever was about to give way, got my heart pumping every time!

  5. tldr; pls recommend PC games for n00b

    Hi everyone! I just got my first gaming PC in preparation for the release of WoW classic! I have got some time to kill until that comes out. I love RPGs, but I am looking to expand my gaming horizons! Do you lovely people have any hidden gem games that are free or at least inexpensive?

  6. Man i really enjoy **RAGE 2**

    The gameplay is extremely awesome. It’s as good as DOOM.
    Driving is a nice time-out from all the action, especially with the flying icarus vehicle, which lets you fly over literally anything.
    The skills are very cool and nice…if you combine them with your upgraded weapons, this somewhat becomes a stylish action shooter.

    I can’t believe it gets mixed reviews while the first game still has a thumbs up overall on steam. When i saw the reviews i had a feeling that these people are the same that can’t stop bitching about game of thrones season 8. I fucking hate this “red light effect”, always stare at the negative, but fucking pass on every good thing that makes something good overall. fckn morons.

    Game is good and gets better the more powerful you get.

  7. My cousin just told me his little bro just saved over his Pokemon Emerald save file and he had put over 1000+ something hours into it. He is very UPSET

  8. I have a question, what should I get on pc or ps4 that is similar to final fantasy xv or tales of zestria?

  9. If I was given a quarter every time I wasn’t taken seriously/mocked at school due to my unwillingness to get aggressive, I would have have $2.75; which doesn’t seem like much but considering how I hate conflict, that already seems like too much for me.

  10. Hey y’all, here’s a question for the ether: is Metro Exodus worth it if I haven’t played the others in the series? This game looks really enticing with its story and atmosphere but I don’t want to jump into a convoluted world without any background knowledge, or does that not matter?

  11. Gamers I just wanna let you know you are all very capable and worthy. P.S rip grumpy cat and happy anniversary Minecraft

  12. What’s the game I saw on here before, it’s like the character had the Quicksilver effect if very slow time. The elevator doors open and they have “1 second” to save the president’s daughter / stop the terrorists. They move around changing bullet directories, item positions, even throws the hostage across the room.

  13. OK, so I don’t think this is long enough to deserve it’s own post, but Imma just ask a little question.

    First off – it’s about the Epic Store. Don’t hate pls.

    So, Epic are giving away a few games – I got Subnautica and Slime Rancher, for instance.

    However, I’ve been wondering – do the publishers/developers/whoever still get paid by Epic for “Selling” the game, despite the fact that buyers got it for free?

    I’m just curious here.

  14. Hey, I’m looking for a developer that could possibly build an app merging gamification and e-commerce. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  15. I’ve been thinking about the climate system and I’m wondering if it’s going to be like a hardcore style. By this I mean that the cold will start of softly, and your temperature will start dropping, and then you’ll need to either start a fire, put clothes on, or use a warming potion. Then it starts getting worse and then finally, you’ll need an item to shield you from the extremeness. I know this was gone over, before in a video, but I’m so lazy that I haven’t looked it up; I also don’t remember how much detail it goes into.

  16. A Plague Tale: Innocence, anyone else dogding the Inquisition with Amicia and Hugo? Im loving it so far and at 49.99 on the Xbox store its fairly priced for such a well made game.

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