35 thoughts on “Friend of mine met gaming legend Hideo Kojima casually walking around London yesterday!”

  1. Oh man I was literally stood round the corner and didnโ€™t get to see him until he left hours later. Was so cool he stayed an extra 4 hours though

  2. That’s him walking along the queue of people waiting to meet him, cool but not exactly “casually walking around London”

  3. Can someone tell me why hideo kojima is a legend ? I genuinely dk, I know he made the metal gear series, he worked on the engine of horizon zero dawn and heโ€™s now releasing death stranding (I only played horizon of all these games) why is he so respected in the gaming community ? Was the metal gear series that good ?

  4. Not “casually walking”.
    That is from the Meet & Greet Death Stranding event. They filmed the queue with Hideo Kojima. How do I know? I was in that queue for 4h. Got to meet Hideo Kojima very briefly though ๐Ÿ™‚

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