44 thoughts on “Friend of mine passed a hotel in Plymoth, UK and found the following sign, look familiar?”

  1. I love how they even kept “The Dolphin” line in the picture. xD They didn’t even bother to change it.

  2. I want a VR Ecco the Dolphin game so I can finally live my dream of becoming a dolphin. Imagine how cool jumping out of water in VR would be?

  3. Am I the only one that got really surreal vibes from that game?

    That, and that one water level from Super Mario 64.

  4. Holy shit – that’s the dolphin pub, down near the Aquarium. Never thought I’d see anything from Plymouth on here!

  5. This game was always so weird and fascinating to me. Would love to have a modern day sequel or even remake.

  6. Hardest game in the world.

    Recently watched a full playthru and realized as a kid I never even made it past the first level…

  7. lolololol


    As an adult, it was a trip to find out this game was directly influenced by the ketamine and lsd related research of Dr John C Lilly.

  8. I don’t think I will ever be able to see Echo the dolphin and not remember yoloswaggod/yellowshirtguy from the speed running charity events.

    Wherever you are, YSG, godspeed.

  9. Still waiting for him to join Super Smash Bros Ultimate. We already have echo fighters. Why not the OG?

  10. The only thing I remember about K-Mart is that this game was playing on a Saturn at the entrance to the electronics section for about a week but I owned a Nintendo and then K-Mart went out of business.

  11. i need to get my hands on this game again. i forget how i had it but it was like part of some other group of games. took me 3 fucking years to best the first level when i was a kid and i just didnt understand shit. couple years ago i played it again cause a friend had it and realized something was sketchy couldnt just be a dolphin game.

    i need to see those aliens

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