8 thoughts on “G2A offered 10 outlets the chance to publish pre-written advertorials without disclosure”

  1. Hi! If you’re lamenting that you were scammed by a gray market seller or asking about whether a seller is legit, please see [this article about key resellers](https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals/comments/2yhlw4/key_resellers_and_what_they_mean_for_you/). If you want a secure purchase, only purchase keys from authorized sites. G2A, Kinguin, CDKeys and others are not authorized and rely on third parties (sometimes with illegal methods) to provide keys. *(If this comment has nothing to do with this thread, please report it so the mods can take me away!)*

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  2. I’ve got a feeling loads of pro G2A Reddit accounts are gonna be posting more often over the next few weeks.

  3. It’s so easy being caught, to just blame it on a “rogue” employee. The company and their tactics are garbage. Never trust them, and never use them. You are just asking for a headache with activation.

    No matter how many times I hear someone say “I had no problem with them”, I will never believe it’s not someone from their company or a paid 3rd party to simply spread that.

    They’ve basically shown their colors, and what they are willing to do. IE: Be a slim ball of a company with fishy tactics.

  4. Hopefully this mess and last week’s fuck up snowballs and shakes things up at G2A. Or if not them, then “someone” takes a look at their business practices in the same way loot boxes are being investigated. Fingers crossed!

  5. There’s definitely a market in gamer outrage. Last month’s sure winner was Epic. A solid horse to back is always EA, but G2A seems to have come out very strong this month. I reckon we could have predictions, charts, betting, everything. A bit like the Meme-economy, but along the lines of “what will gamers be directing their rage at next”

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