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  1. It’s sad really.

    As a 24 year old, I was pretty pumped for the Switch iteration of Pokémon. Figured they’d finally put those modern features in, giving the series that last pop its always needed.

    Nevertheless, they gimped on all of it. To the point, I don’t even believe I’ll be purchasing the title anylonger.

  2. Regardless of the cannon shooting the water, at least everyone in the battle is staying hydrated.


  3. It’s an unfortunate reality of what the Pokemon franchise is. Expectations for the Switch version have been unrealistic for it for years. They maintained barely colored sprites that didn’t animate at all for a full generation after the Gameboy Color was available to develop for, the GBA games were just slightly more detailed version of the Gameboy games, the DS entries took years to actually use 3D and even then the Pokemon still didn’t animate, it took the 3DS for them to even try to animate things and three full generations of the series they used an engine that had massive performance issues that Game Freak never bothered to fix. Why would moving to the Switch change that? The only way Game Freak was getting Sword/Shield out on time was by cutting content and utilizing already designed and keyed animation. I hate to sound like I’m on their side because I’m definitely not, but fan expectations were blown way out of proportion.

  4. You would think they would care enough to put in that extra effort to animate them for different pokemon… but I guess that was over the poor animators paygrade

  5. And I think we were all willing to accept the head hydro pump, but don’t slash the cast and then tell us its because you’re going to improve the animations come on guys.

  6. The pixel generations looked leagues better imo, all 3D titles look like regressions. I mean has anyone seen how shitty rapidash looks in these installments?

  7. Just to go against the whole hate train here, this isn’t from Sword/Shield. This is Mega Blastoise- megaevolutions aren’t in these games. Dynamaxing does not make pokemon design changes this drastic.

    ~~I’m sure this is a photoshopped screen from Pokken tournament, originally a Wii U game.~~

    Edit: Apparently it’s from the Let’s Go switch games. Still, not Sword and Shield.

  8. This isn’t from Sword & Shield though… That’s Mega Blastoise, and there won’t be Mega Forms in S&S, the series producer confirmed that a week ago

  9. They did custom move animations for every Pokémon in gen 1 coliseum. They have like 3 animations per Pokémon (signature move, physical attack, special attack). Is it that hard to, idk, make it look like you’re trying?

  10. Probably not the final animation. Its littered all over their trailers that nothing here is final… obviously that also means it could look worse, but I’m hoping for better.

  11. It pisses me off how little effort they put into the attack animations.

    I feel like Pokémon need it’s own kinda “Breath of the wild”. Change some shit up. Make it real time combat instead of turn-based. Give it a better story. Just something different instead of the same damn game for the past 20 years.

  12. This screenshot is from Let’s Go, but there is a shot of a Dynamaxed Charizard with a very similar situation… It’s annoying that they’ve never fixed stuff like this.

  13. I just love how we all think fusion could actually be pretty cool, but instead Gamefreak keeps giving us these other stupid things instead.

  14. I remember in Stadium 2 some pokemon got semi-customized variants of attack animations. Blastoise in particular when performing a beam or cannon-like attack, including Hydro Pump, fired 2 beams/projectyles simultaneously instead of 1, from both of its cannons.

  15. Blastoise hydro pump shot two streams out of its cannons in coliseum, but I’m pretty sure that was the last time they did that

  16. Y’know. What if. WHAT IF.

    Game Freak took time to get rid of Gigamaxing (which apparently ain’t just the same models but resized, and they had to recreate the model entirely?), and just slapped in more pokes.

    Or actually create animations instead of that embarrassing “tail whip” that is getting around with Yamper.

  17. I am an actual literal animator and I can say that people are being totally reasonable in their disappointment. If they’re taking things out, there’s really no reason for them to not step up the animation quality

  18. I wasn’t that much into Pokemon until recently. As a kid, I loved the Diamond and Pearl anime but after that I didn’t have any interest for it cause the nintendo consoles were pretty expensive in my country at the time.

    I finally decided to try the games and I played Diamond on an emulator and I pretty much loved it.

    After that, I got myself a switch and some games including Let’s Go Eevee which I liked it a lot. I’m going to buy Pokemon Sword as it will be my first main series pokemon that I will own and it will be kinda cool to have it on the go

    KnowledgeHub made a video in which he kind of explains why the games are getting worse and why the company doesn’t care about that. To put it short, the games are to way to promote the merchandise which is actually the real profit of the company. If i recall corectly, he said around 60% of the profit was from merchandise

  19. Pokemon battle animation has always sucked. I’d be quite happy to see detailed battle interactions in lieu of a full dex. Pokken gave me hope, but it’s faded away.

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