This may be subjective and sound like a conspiracy theory, but please do not support the actual gaming industry in its grand scheme of dispossession.

I know it is enticing to play hundreds of games for only a few bucks/month ; you save a lot of money and can even play games that you would not have bought otherwise.
I guess it is made for those who just play games before they sell them back or any kind of gamers who don’t give a damn about keeping games in general.

But, if more and more people subscribe to those services, it will inevitably lead to some standard in gaming.

We have already lost a part of our property because of digital retailers.

Even if it is unclear what will happen to our games if said retailers discontinued their services, those are still our games.

Now, if we all play along with this « pass » bullshit (that already goes with Netflix and stuff) sooner or later we’ll have no goods at all.

Same goes with Stadia, you wont even need a PC or a Console anymore. Only screens and expenses.

You have financial difficulties ? Want to stop your subscription(s)? That’s it, look at all those things you no longer have.

Even better, you’ll have nothing left to sell if you need that extra money.

This will be our future. Games, books, films & series, autonomous cars, phones, et cetera… everything will be a monthly subscription and we’ll be the perfect consumer slaves.

TL;DR : Monthly subscriptions are nice but they will lead to total dispossession. We should not trade all our goods for services.

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23 thoughts on “Game Pass, EA access, Uplay+… Please don’t.”

  1. Remember renting video games for like $5-$10 then having to return them 7 days later. Yeah I don’t miss those prices. This is the replacement for that in some regard.

  2. Gaming companies need to lower the price of games then from $60 to $40. You never know when sales happen and dropping $60 per game adds up quickly through the year.

  3. I already bought a year of Game Pass… and was honestly quite tempted to buy more (*$5/mo!*), but it’s a pricey season for gaming, and Nintendo’s been killin’ it.

  4. Eh, it’s just a new business model and people are always resistant to change. If you feel it’s good value then go for it imo

  5. You already can’t sell any digital games you’ve bought and played, so I don’t know why that’s a factor in not subscribing. Subscribing makes sense if you like to play a lot of different games for short amounts of time, for example if you like just playing the story/campaign and then moving on, subscribing is a lot more cost efficient than buying every game you’ll only play once.

    Just pay for what is the best deal for you, no need to deprive yourself of entertainment based on someone else’s preferences.

  6. I’m fine with not having “goods”. Just want to play games. I dont need a shelf of plastic to feel good inside.

  7. Lawl. No.

    Haven’t swapped a disc in years, never will swap a disc again. Won’t go buy audio CD’s either. Digital is far superior for convenience.

    Don’t be afraid of technological progress, my man, don’t turn into a grandpa no matter what your actual age is.

  8. It’s not becoming the standard, and it won’t become the standard.

    People like to own things, and if not, they enjoy the illusion of owning them.

    Don’t worry.

  9. Old Man Yells at Cloud Pt XVIII: The Cloudening

    I, for one, welcome our digital overlawds.


    Seriously though, nothing to worry about. Not everyone will convert to these subscription services. The games industry is moving towards digital distribution, and has been for a while. We’re probably a good 10-15 years away from it being the main form of distribution though.


    Don’t worry. Just play some vidya games and enjoy yourself.

  10. You don’t own your games. You never have! You bought a license to use someone else’s property. If you don’t like the sub then don’t pay for it – just the games you want to play. Don’t rain on people who want more options on how they want to consume entertainment.

  11. >I know it is enticing to play hundreds of games for only a few bucks/month ; you save a lot of money and can even play games that you would not have bought otherwise.

    So actively work against my own interests?

    I agree on your Stadia assessment because it’s literally a product in the cloud and with Google’s track record they don’t really inspire much confidence.

  12. mostly I agree, but I think due to the nature of them we can still get better deals in the future, no encryption, no DRM in my ideal world, no encryption would already be amazing

    however I fully agree streaming, by it’s nature, will be the death of consumer ownership of any kind and nobody who seriously cares about games should use them.

  13. I think it’s a reality that this is what is simply going to occur whether we like it or not. Once physical media for consoles cease it will also happen to them. What you likely are going to see is retailers like GMG just go extinct as publishers will see no benefit of having them around. Each instead will rely on their own (or smaller publishers aligning themselves with the larger) digital store. EA with Origin for example.

    What you’re eventually going to see is one of two things. Either the games will not decrease in price with age with sales being terrible discounts for older titles. Or the alternative is older titles will be pulled off the digital storefronts altogether. Why? Well it’s simple. This encourages two things buying new and highly priced games instead or signing up for the subscription model to get access to the older titles. Now you aren’t paying $5 for a old game now you’re paying monthly potentially for years maybe even decades.


    By creating this artificial time limit to purchase this game this also means a constant pressure on the consumer to purchase the game as such a service may not interest you. Either way the publishers win. Even if you can honestly say you’d quit gaming due to this the problem is the younger gamers won’t know any better and it’s best for the publishers to start the standard as early as possible.

  14. I see you strongly underestimate how much value people get from 25 € a year subscription that offers 100s of games.

  15. > We should not trade all our goods for services.

    Agree with this, but you’re a bit late for the battle.

    Keep in mind that every game bough on Steam (well, technically not every games but the vast majority) are completely locked being the service that Steam provide. The moment someone decides to stop using the service, he loses access to his entire library. That’s the deal and that’s something that everyone should be fully aware of when buying anything from Steam, Origin, Uplay, EGS, ect. In practice, you already don’t own anything.

    It’s okay to buy games on these services if you’re aware of what it means and think it’s fine.

    It’s okay to buy these subscription services if you’re aware of what it means and think it’s fine.

  16. For your sake, keep it to yourself because many PC Gamers here **already** bought the XBox PC Pass and don’t want to be bothered anymore. Let them decide themselves since that $1 offer is promotional and real numbers emerge when price goes up to $10/month so that most will see what you told. Some *only* learn through *their* experience, hating being told.

  17. You don’t need all of those possessions. Why are you obsessed with possessions? Many of us will still have our gaming PC’s. There’s plenty more to do on a computer besides gaming.

  18. I agree with OP, it has the potential to do to video games what did Spotify to music industry, and I’m not looking forward to that.

  19. I took the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate up because I had stacked memberships and after paying another £30 was covered until June 2022. Not my usual thing, but since I tend to use my Xbox more than my PC right now it made sense to pay £31 for 3 years.

    But remember, all of you, using Steam, and Origin, and Uplay, and PSN, and Xbox Live have killed the illusion of game ownership already. If you wanted to pretend you owned your games, you’d all go out and buy games in boxes with install discs.

  20. even when you had a PHYSICAL COPY, you didnt own the fucking thing. you had a license to play it. dvd’s are the same way. just when you sell it to someone, its assumed that the license transfers to the new owner.


    and lets be reaL unless its something like the wii, which had supply issues, you wont be getting much for those used games. paid 60 bucks at launch? want cash? 10 bucks, maybe 15.


    keep trotting out the doom and gloom, we wont bother listening to you.

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