Gears 5 available for pre-order on Steam

Gears 5 is being review bombed by Chinese users, due to the game being suspended/removed in China, most likely due to the game not meeting the Chinese governments requirements.

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38 thoughts on “Gears 5 is being review bombed by Chinese users, due to the game being suspended/removed in China, most likely due to the game not meeting the Chinese governments requirements.”

  1. It might be bombed by the chinese but a lot of the negative reviews are english with fair critics.

    The game has audio issues, the DRM even in story mode can put you out with no warning(Ive had this happening many times these past days), “absurd microtransactions and crazy grinding”, “Server hosting, matchmaking… It’s all xbox based”, Split-screen was removed 1 day before launch, etc

    From my experience the campaign was above average with good visuals, satisfying gunplay and decent story and also flawed for being cramped, having limited control, extremely scripted and the AI is dumb and suicidal. It reeks console limitation.

    still it was fun to play in CO-OP for 3-4bucks with xbox game pass

  2. A lot of these negative chinese reviews are complaining about the quality of the chinese in the game, saying things like the subtitles are simplified instead of traditional and that the dub sounds like someone just starting to learn chinese, are they making legit complaints or are they pulling fake complaints out of nowhere to avoid the “review bomb filter”?

  3. Blame your government, you idiots. If you’re at the stage where you can’t do anything about it. Then you have no one else to blame but yourselves.

    Don’t want them to start building games from the ground up just for the Chinese market. They will be censored to hell and back. Even more than some of them are at the minute.

  4. GOW5 is fucking OG. Well worth the money I spent on the game. The PC port is by far the best I’ve seen in a long time.
    Played for 180 minutes and had zero problems. No crashes, no FPS drops, no stuttering, no freezing. Nothing. FPS was always over 120 very commonly reaching 144 which is what I locked it at and it rarely dropped. The lowest it dropped too was 96 but that was only for one second.

    The story, the locations, the lore is sooo fucking good… And the weapons even though I used them soo much when I played back on the Xbox feel brand new and fresh because of the smooth and super enjoyable PC controls. This is my first ever Gears of War game on PC may I remind you. I always played the earlier ones on Xbox and refused to buy it on the MS Store. The first chapter took me along 2 hours to finish. There are tons and I mean fucking tons of gameplay improvements from the previous games. Dedicated melee button, two-handed weapon improvements, reinforcement calls, and even JACK assistance gameplay. The gameplay is Gears at its core but it has so many awesome new improvements that I’m having a blast with.

    The story is shaping up to be fucking incredible. >!The first mission which involved the return to Azura had me squealing like a little girl. And that picture of Kilo Squad which was on Baird’s desk was so fucking surprising but an awesome memory.!<

  5. As someone who hasn’t played a GOW since the last one that was released on PC GOW5 is fucking amazing, I have a system that is 5 years old and have everything cranked to ultra and it just runs flawlessly @3440×1440. The story itself is engaging and the set pieces are strait up feels like a Hollywood blockbuster movie. If you are into a narrative driven experience I highly recommend it.

  6. If you filter out these Chinese reviews the games goes back up to 75%

    This isn’t something they should be taking out on the game, blame China and their fucking awful government. Oh no wait you’ll lose social credit score can’t do that.

  7. I know it’s politically correct to view everything related to China as bad. But as Gears 5, they advertised that the game will be the same in China as all other regions. So people are hyped and many people preordered the game, only found out that the game actually has a region lock. What’s worse is that the game was removed in the store completely all of a sudden 2 days before launch.

    People are not mad for the game being suspended, ~100 games are like this every year, they are used to this. People are mad because they have been told this game will work just fine and only found out it is a lie 2 days before launch.

  8. The logical reaction to government censorship, review bombing games the government won’t let you play. That’ll show Microsoft not to be the Chinese government!

  9. yes lets review bomb a game that we cant even play for the sole purpose that we cant play it. That makes complete sense.

    look i get it but its not the developer or games fault. Its your government.

  10. I’m happy to live in the states, where the government doesn’t suppress anything they don’t like. Imagine if Trump banned the color orange just because people joked about his skin color.

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