40 thoughts on “GET OFF OUR BACKS.”

  1. “I got Minecraft crops to tend to and a road to build to connect two villages thousands of blocks away, I don’t have time for your shit Karen”

  2. Fuck Trump. Vote.

    Protect our video games. Vote!

    Fuck the Republicans! Vote!

    Fuck the NRA! Vote! Vote! Vote!

  3. You know when you get a fly in your room and you’re trying to concentrate on your work and it just keeps circulating around you and doesn’t ever leave? That’s this meme.

  4. That’s republicans for you

    You’re just an excuse to them

    They’ve been doing the same to black people and now mexicans

    Never vote for them they’re fucking pricks who never take responsibility for anything

    It’s their gun laws they refuse to change

  5. If Politicians want to look into video games that is cool with me. How about they start with the predatory practices of loot boxes and “Surprise Mechanics”

  6. So many people taking the bait.

    No one really thinks video games are an issue.

    They just want you to forget about solving the real problem…the shootings.

  7. Based on the prevelance of these memes. Guessing this is a push from russian propaganda to again discredit media. Except they are only discrediting the GOP and right wing media outlets. No center or left outlets or democrats have said a peep about video games.

    Meanwhile, holy shit, I am sick of these memes. GOP and Trump claimed it as a cause only once or twice. Now reddit is acting like that’s all they are blaming.

    No guns and radicalization of folks online by the right was the cause this

  8. I never understood this meme until I looked it up that the cat is supposedly looking confused. for me it looks annoyed and even angry.

  9. These memes are missing the entire point. Their argument is against *violent video games*, which is stupid given every single scientific study on the matter. Misinterpreting their argument only hurts ours.

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