23 thoughts on “Getting some familiar sign in issues with Metro Exodus on the new Xbox PC app, decided to investigate…”

  1. Yesterday I got the game pass for 1€ and tried to download Metro Exodus. And it always told me no device is connected with my Windows Account or something. I tried so long until I refunded my one fucking euro and gave up with this windows store garbage.

  2. Damn this is so clever and fun!

    I hope to see this with Scooby-Doo pic, revealing company logos underneath in future after they done fucking up 😀

  3. Remember when Epic Games stopped making Gears of War for PC, because they claimed the PC had too many pirates, but Gears of War 1 for PC required Windows Live sign-in to even save games.

    This reminds me of that fuck up.

  4. Is there any way to change accounts in the app? My Xbox account (which has the Ultimate Pass already) is not the same account I use to log into my Windows PC and I can‘t seem to change it.

  5. My game is stuck at 100% downloaded and wont even let me retry or uninstall. I cant even delete the folder for Metro. It’s a code error and have found no solution. The Microsoft store is so buggy wtf

  6. I don’t play games through xbox live on my pc but open it daily to make party chats with my friends and very rarely have an issue.

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