21 thoughts on “Ghost Recon Breakpoint: AAA Gaming experience”

  1. Man, I miss tightly designed single player experiences… The old Ghost Recon games were so good… I’d take handcrafted levels over open worlds any day

  2. 1:25 – OP is TOTALLY wrong here, it’s completely correct, Samuel uses “man” as a “human” there.

    Damn, Ubisoft and Quality mix together like water and oil, ehh?

  3. I penned a lengthy write-up as feedback for the devs through the official alpha channels and seemingly they addressed very little. I honestly thought I was playing an outdated build due to the very short timeframe before release. Poor showing then, unforgivable now and a waste of a wonderfully detailed island setting.

    Another game you’ve got to wait 18 months to vaguely enjoy for £15 or breeze through on a free weekend. Dispiriting, I pity those that get drawn in and cough up full price.

  4. i hope breakpoint being subpar doesn’t stop jon bernthal from appearing in more video games,dude is an amazing actor

  5. Man, I didn’t want this video to end lol!

    This game is crap and unfortunately, if you polish a turd it’s still just a turd.

    I have no idea how people are enjoying this game. It’s somehow worse than wildlands but at least that game worked.

    What a waste of a “Ghost Recon” title.

  6. You can always trust shy to bring out the worst out of everything, but man, these days it’s not even a challange anymore.

  7. All of these AI clips are being shown on the easiest difficulty, which, of course, will be extremely dumb. I’ve been playing the game on Extreme and the AI, while still bad, doesn’t do anything remotely close to what is being shown in this video.

  8. Will Ubisoft ever make a game that’s not more of the same. I used to hope they’d announce the next Splinter Cell but nowadays I just wish they’d sell the franchise so someone not-dogshit can make it.

  9. Remember the OG Rainbow 6 games? By Redstorm Entertainment?

    Graphics was rough back then. Bushes viewed from the side were almost 2d.

    But dear god was the gameplay good. Where a single mistake would mean a 1 hit KO by the terrorist. The satisfaction of clearing an entire room without your AI squad or hostage taking damage.

    The satisfaction that all the time spent in the pre-Mission planning phase was worth it.
    The simple satisfying feeling of hearing “tango down”.

    Now we have Seige with its season pass and MTX, not to mention the inevitable toxicity that comes with any PvP game.

    The longest running competitive FPS Counterstrike was a mod from Half-life, which itself had a critically acclaimed single player campaign.

    Man do I miss the gaming era of those days.

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