[GIVEAWAY] Got Fired Today, So Who Wants a Free Game?!

Unexpected things happen in our lives and we have the opportunity to choose how to react. I was going to do a Steam key giveaway in a couple of days, but since I’m chillin’ at home, I decided to do it now. I’m going to do the giveaway a little differently than I normally do this time. I have a ton of keys. Fanatical started a new mystery bundle of 10 games for $7! I bought bundles before know what was going to happen at work today. So, instead of wallowing, I want to do something nice and give back to the gaming community. To enter, just reply to this post. I want to unload the keys fairly quickly, so 1st come, 1st serve on this giveaway. Here are the keys:


* ~~White Noise 2~~ – congrats cangueno!
* ~~Headsnatchers (x2)~~ – congrats Rodenvia and Manu09!
* ~~Borderlands 2~~ – congrats Kronosx9!
* ~~Blackguards~~ – congrats rickreckt!
* ~~Camper Jumper Simulator~~ – congrats IzzyMagic!
* ~~Rezrog~~ – congrats Sovkhof!
* ~~Barrier X~~ – congrats crying_llama!
* ~~RACE: The WTCC Game~~ – congrats KatnissMiss!
* ~~GTR Evolution~~ – congrats Nessioca!
* ~~Greyfox RPG~~ – congrats ProphetoftheOnion!
* ~~A New Beginning Final Cut (x2)~~ – congrats Davidchen2918 and Nitrooox!
* ~~Starpoint Gemini Warlords~~ – congrats Manueltech!
* ~~Dragon: A Game About a Dragon~~ – congrats hajduk21!
* ~~The Odyssey Winds of Athena~~ – congrats ps2lingo!
* ~~Rescue Team 4~~ – congrats jv658!
* ~~Wooden Floor 2: Resurrection~~ – Maratele
* ~~Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition~~ – congrats Abralincon!
* ~~Airport Madness Time Machine~~ – congrats NewDisk!
* ~~Dwarflings~~ – congrats SignalOK!


Giveaway will tonight on or before 12am CST or until all the keys are gone.

[https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/the-magnificent-mystery-machine](https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/the-magnificent-mystery-machine) – link to the Fanatical Mystery bundles. Game on!

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31 thoughts on “[GIVEAWAY] Got Fired Today, So Who Wants a Free Game?!”

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  2. I don’t want a game, just sorry you got fired 🙁 Hope you get another job soon though! Remember to take some me time and if you have money maybe go on vacation! I did that last time I got fired, had a fantastic time.

  3. A New Beginning Final Cut.I really like the developer’s work.

    Thanks for this.
    Also just a note about your job. Your attitude about it seems quite good. So don’t be down and start looking for something else. This is probably an oportunity for something much better in the future.

  4. I’m not interested in any left game just wanted to say thanks for doing this on a pretty dark time. I hope you find a new fulfilling job soon enought 🙂

  5. I don’t care for any keys, but I just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Take care of yourself, know you are professionally capable and value, and keep fighting forward every day! You’ll definitely land on your feet 🙂

  6. I’m not really interested in the giveaway but I appreciate what you’re doing. Good on you for making the best of a bad situation, take care man, I hope you find a new job, just keep applying and you’ll find an appropriate job, I’m sure. You are a very strong person 🙂

  7. I’m sorry bout that mate, never know what life can throw at us and in proud of how your handling it and want to thank you on behalf of everyone, true legend, head up mate, things will get better.

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