GOG fixed the notorious Far Cry 1 AI Bug that let AI see through tents/canvas after it was in the game since latest(2006) patch!

GOG changelog :


EDIT: Credit goes to FarOut modder who sent the fix to GOG, which they applied.

EDIT2: Standalone fix for those who don’t own game on GoG:

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32 thoughts on “GOG fixed the notorious Far Cry 1 AI Bug that let AI see through tents/canvas after it was in the game since latest(2006) patch!”

  1. I guess now it is time to replay the game again. Is this patch GOG exclusive? Or can it be applied to the disc version?

  2. This is one of the great things about GOG. They make their own patches that integrate fixes from the community. Wish it was documented better though.

  3. You should make proper titles for threads. I mean it even says in the pic you posted a user reached out to them to include his fix. He just released a widescreen mod for Far Cry which incorporates this AI fix

  4. IMO, GOG should also look at implementing the SilentPatch which fixes the water rendering on modern OSes, fixes the completely non-functional vsync, fixes the game crashing if you scroll the mouse wheel too much during loadscreens, etc.

  5. I will use this thread to remind everyone, that GOG is a great service, but it requires more customers to keep going. In 2018, GOG (only GOG service) had only [30 000 PLN profit](https://www.cdprojekt.com/en/wp-content/uploads-en/2019/03/fy2018-cd-projekt-group-results-presentation.pdf) which is 7000 EUR. Apperantely, Epic Games Store is taking a lot of GOG customers, [and in February 2019, a lot of GOG employees were let go](https://kotaku.com/facing-financial-pressures-gog-quietly-lays-off-at-lea-1832879826). I’m sure Cyberpunk will help GOG, but that is still miles away, and the war between Steam and EGS is affecting GOG too.

    It seems to me, that the lack of AAA titles on GOG is the main problem. GOG focuses primarily on old games or indie games with very few exceptions. However, GOG is not a dumpster for trash games and its features are on par with Steams:

    * DRM free content and [ability to download your game installation files for offline use](https://imgur.com/a/mcszEnO).

    * [A client](https://www.gog.com/galaxy) whose features are very similar of the Steam client. That includes but is not limited to: store, forums, friends, cloud saves, achievements, multiplayer matchmaking and crossplay. Honestly, the only thing I’m missing on GOG is the Steam Workshop.

    * [Holiday Sales](https://www.gog.com/).

    * And upcoming [new version of the client](https://www.gogalaxy.com/en/), which is supposed to be unified place for your games and friends across all other platforms.

    * And yes, GOG sometimes include community patches to older games. But they also [endorse and include DOSBox in their games](https://www.gog.com/news/affiliate_spotlight_dosbox), and [they are patching older games to work natively on Windows 10 too](https://www.gog.com/news/news_we_are_ready_for_windows_10).

  6. Nice! So that’s what that update was.

    Granted, I use a mod called Far Cry Addon Mod, or FCAM, that fixes this bug anyways while also adding enhanced graphics, wider FOV and quicksave functionality.

    But for people who just want the vanilla experience, this is great.

  7. Another reason why I rather buy games on GOG, they apply the fixes that some Steam versions don’t have.

  8. Now if only the rest would do something like this too.. Or Ubi could release an official patch that fixes this and adds a tiny bit of widescreen support. Even proper 1080p *native* support would be a start.

    Modders and fans can do a lot, but Ubisoft could do more. I believe they should make one final official patch yet..

  9. This didn’t exist until 2006? Part of my rage with this game when it came out was I felt like the AI always knew where I was even though stealth was supposedly a huge part of the game.

    I played through that son of a bitch twice 10 years apart, and I still got stuck at the same place both times before I started activating stuff like no clip. The place where you have to destroy giant antenna towers.

  10. I recall the AI being able to see right through foliage and waaaay across the map, as well… Was that related? Was it even a bug? Because that seemed pretty unfair when I last gave the game a real shot, several years ago.

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