4 thoughts on “Good guy Microsoft”

  1. They made one smart move, that much is undeniable and greatly appreciated. But some people, including myself have not forgotten how they tried to fuck the gaming community with DRM, mandatory kinnect, and telling consumers if they are too poor to play with their friends on the newest system “enjoy the 360 instead.”

  2. What’s worse is that Epic already gets profit through the games that use their engine (Unreal), they are just being greedier, creating an unnecessary scene and losing money as way less people are buying on EGS than on Steam.


    As genious has said, “JUST WAIT FOR THE STEAM RELEASE”, LMAO. It isn’t about releasing on Steam, it’s about being locked on a shitty store.


    Now that even Microsoft has realized that it is a stupid idea that doesn’t work at all maybe people will change their minds.

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