13 thoughts on “Grandia HD Collection will be coming soon according to GungHo”

  1. Hopefully they don’t botch this as they did with the Grandia 2 re-released.

    For those who didn’t follow it, the Grandia 2 re-release was a half-assed port of the prior PC version which itself was a subpar port of the PS2 version. The port had numerous bugs and crash glitches, framerate issues, and spells that simply didn’t do anything beyond displaying the casting graphic. The OG PC version was superior, and that’ saying something given how bad it was.

    My personal least favorite annoyance was that their developers don’t understand XInput. The used DirectInput, but at least initially, it only worked with an Xbox controller. How do you mess up controller input that badly?

    They eventually posted a final patch and a post on the forums saying that no further fixes would be coming as they had other games to work on.

  2. No idea why they even call it “Collection” the are missing have the games in the franchise (xtreme and 3).

  3. What about Grandia 3??? I need closure, back in high school I borrowed Grandia 3 from a friend only to realize it was a two disk game and I only had disk 1, when I asked about disk 2 he showed me it was missing. Aaaaaaaah!

  4. Cant wait for this. Grandia 1 is one of my all time favorite games. Will most likely double dip for both the PC and switch versions.

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