18 thoughts on “GreedFall has released on Steam”

  1. IGN liked it. Reviews seem to cite 2008ish era game design and graphics as the main issue. That era still has some of my favorite titles. Iโ€™m gonna jump in. So few BioWare style RPGs these days…If the story and combat are enjoyable enough it sounds like money well spent. I can live with the jank.

  2. Game seems to run well so far (3 hours in) and I haven’t encountered any obvious bugs aside from a few minor graphical glitches. The writing, voice acting, and world building have all been excellent and are probably the main reason to buy this game. Unfortunately, the minute to minute gameplay, particularly the combat, feels dated and crude. This one isn’t going to be for everybody, but I’m enjoying it.

  3. Really looking forward to Greedfall. Had it preordered but no time to actually play it today, gonna get into it tomorrow.

  4. What a time to be alive. A game from Spiders getting a Very Positive reviews ratio on Steam.

    I mean, I’m looking forward to play it. I enjoy games like these and Bioware is pretty much a corpse now, but I was still cautious considering their past titles. Seems people are enjoying it so far, so that’s super nice.

  5. Performance seems solid besides it micro freezing once out of nowhere after 3 hours play for 2 seconds, game looks really nice, personally I think spider did really good here, best game from them yet. The world sucked me in right away, the atmosphere is perfect, couple quests I did so far filled that old bioware hole. Combat isn’t half bad, pretty decent actually.

    Running on 5700/3600/16gb 3200 on ultra settings 1080p ultrawide.

    Have heard some people are having issues performance wise, guessing patches are to come.

    One thing that might be a turn off for some, the lip syncing is really bad, but this is a AA game so I’m not gonna bash it to hard for that.

  6. Game doesn’t seem to register mouse buttons beyond mouse-3 for keybinds which I would expect for any game made after 2010, that’s probably the only major pc port issue I’ve seen in a few hours of play. Also the menu option for ‘Save and Quit’ when you want to modify a setting is very confusing, that seems guaranteed to lead to a lot of headaches. I thought the settings persistence was broken for a minute or so before trying the ‘Save and Quit’ option in desperation.

  7. It isn’t without issues, but since we get so few narrative-driven 3rd person RPGs these days that I am still really happy with it. Definitely enjoying it and very happy with my purchase (and a new game in the genre to try).

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