33 thoughts on “Guess I’m Hitler now…”

  1. Did you see that walmart stated and it will be removing “violent videogames” off of its shelves? They’ll still be in the store and you can buy them I guess but they’ll be away from the displays. I read an article on it..

  2. Yeah farming simulator needs to be pulled from shelves. I’m workin my fields and out of nowhere had a drive by shooting next to farm 8. Next thing I knew the lime station exploded. Job market crashed. Inflation ensued. Lost my tractors and can’t even mow my lawns no more.

  3. I spent my youth playing ut2k4, painkiller and tf2 and yet i have not shot a school yet, am i doing something wrong ?

  4. Not defending the people who say violent videogames are bad but op and a majority of this subreddit are just using straw man arguments. They specifically are saying violent videogames cause violence, not all videogames. Nobody is saying farming sims are causing violence.

    Imo misrepresenting their arguments just makes you look bad and does nothing to defend your side.

  5. Anyone born before 1990: Fuck we are doing this again? I thought we already defeated Tipper Gore.

    Poor gamers under 25ish: Woah woah woah wtf is going on?

  6. Man, I played so many hours of Farming Simulator and then at one point after a few hour-long session just kind of thought, what am I doing with my life? Not trying to hate on people that are into it and I loved it but I think it’s the only game that did that to me.

  7. Don’t you love the fact that because you played minesweeper when you were 4, you consequently made yourself a school shooter?

  8. Not that I’m defending the notion of video games causing violence at all…but this meme is kind of redundant since the media is saying “violent video games”, I don’t think farming simulator, Minecraft, Tetris etc. counts.

  9. Correctly at Chuck E. Cheese for a 3 year olds birthday. Strange that all these kids will be in prison in a few years.

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