31 thoughts on “Gym teachers: you need to get fit. Also gym teachers:”

  1. My gym teacher could do full giant circles on the high bar and outrun most of the students on the 10 km run. Not bad for a 55 year old man. He was an amazing gym teacher. I think he enjoyed the square dancing lessons a little too much though.

  2. One of the gym coaches in my middle school would ride around in a golf cart while we ran the mile and shout “You all look like a bunch of turkeys!”

    The golf cart was so weighed down on the driver’s side that it nearly touched the ground.

  3. Gym students: Can we please get coats? It’s freezing!

    Gym teachers: Come on, it’s not that cold!

    Also gym teachers: (wearing 50 coats)

  4. yeah it’s a bit hypocritical but it’s so much more important to preach fitness to children ASAP because they can develop some really bad health habits.

  5. My gym teacher was a gray haired 60+ y.o. badass. I remember me and my classmates watching him performing on the pommel horse like a champ between classes.

  6. I mean, they really only need to know how to get you fit. They don’t have to be fit. Not much different than a math teacher teaching you some of the skills needed to become an engineer but they aren’t engineers.

  7. A message to my elementary school gym teacher, circa 1994:

    If you’re obese, and your last name is literally Overton, maybe you shouldn’t go into physical education.

  8. Shoutout to those bad gym teachers who give good marks to talented students who are lazy as fuck, but mediocre grades to those who try hard but just aren’t great at sports.

    Always hated those.

  9. My gym teacher in 7th and 8th grade was 450 pounds. He was fucking massive. Yet he could beat all of us in basketball every time and he could bend over and grab the backs of his ankles with no issue. I asked him how this was possible and he told me that he did nothing but work out and play sports from a young age until college, ate like a dump truck his whole life, and continued to work out and eat thousands of calories a day long after his metabolism slowed down.

  10. All of my PE teachers were of the “I don’t ask you to do anything I don’t do myself” types. Shorts in freezing temperatures, running double the length of every run kind of thing. None of them were fat, though some of them were *big* – rugby players presumably.

  11. I get the joke and it’s funny but remember not to judge a book by its cover. My dad is a gym teacher and has quite a gut but is also the most fit person I know! He works out every day and has done every intense at-home workout program I know (including p90x and Insanity) he’s very strong and has a very strong core but for whatever reason, his gut won’t shrink 😂

  12. My gym teachers all through school were somewhere between “very toned” and “ripped,” I never met a fat gym teacher. Even the oldest gym teacher I had in high school who was close to retiring could probably have chased any one of us down and torn us in half.

  13. I don’t know where you went to school, but all my gym teachers but one were fit as hell.

    The one that wasn’t walked with a very noticeable limp. From an injury gotten during combat (Vietnam? Korea? honnestly don’t remember was 30 years ago I had him) and no one was about to call out a purple heart on being out of shape.

    If your school routinely hires out of shape pe teachers, time to find a new school… because you have to know the same level of hiring is going into the other teachers.

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