41 thoughts on “Halloween is coming up and I’ve decided to work on a horror game about a walking fish. Here’s the first sneak peek”

  1. Please tell me there’s going to be an unlockable monty python related mini game in it based around the fish in Meaning of Life 🙏

  2. You should make the weapon a giant, actual fish that you can slap the walking fish with.

    Like that one episode of Ed, Edd, and Eddy where Rolf slaps Ed to death with a giant salmon

  3. Do we get to see the fish do nasty/scary/creepy things? Like swallowing human parts whole or dumping eggs onto the ground? I may be thinking too much about how this fish-man eats and reproduces.

  4. Where the actual fuck did you get the idea of the antagonist being a walking fish, and when is it being released.

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